Wow 85 account + Wow 2x 80 account for SWTOR full access beta unused.

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    I've stopped playing wow several months ago and my accounts are keeping the dust. I've no intentions to come back to wow that's why i will give out all informations about them (id scans and similar) I have a firland redy retri paladin on eu pve server with almost 9k achiev, 70+ mounts, 70+ pets and a good gear t11/valor and similar. Holy offspec set also, profession maxed (JC, BS, Fishing and Cooking and Archeology almost finished). Account expiring today. Then i have a old account with 2x lvl 80s on a pve server. Hunter and Rogue. They are still 80 and they dont have many relevant things except ulduar drake for hunter and brewfest kodo for rogue. They need a bit of work but they are very fun. I didnt wanted to spend all the money to pay 2x subs for a game i dont care anymore. Also for this i will provide id scans and infos. Account expired. I will not renew them for you unless you have the proofs it's a real beta email or unless you wanna use a and the trade is guaranteed. As i said i dont care anymore about wow and i dont want to give them more money i might spend on other things. If you "dont care" about swtor beta this is a good deal, it's a good account + a little one for a not even a 3 month beta. I will provide armory links and screens of accounts bnet pages. I am up to use and i will pay him. We might choose him togheter. I prefer to trade EU BETA account beacuse i'm in EU. Wow Accounts are EU. If you might be interested feel free to contact me. Reply here and send PM with your to be contacted as soon as i'm back home! Ty for your time.
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