Selling  Europe  Android and iOS WoTB EU acc with 20 prem tanks, some rare

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    Hi, i'm selling this tank because i feel bored from playing all these tanks and want to try and get to tier 10 again.
    This post has no real fixed price. You can send a offer via DM's. Just please no low-balling (like below 20€, etc.). (PayPal of course.)
    the screenshots will be sent in DM's after you sent me an offer. Or just ask for a screenshot first and then send a offer.
    Please don't forget this is a EU account!
    The account has the following:
    266,427 credits
    5,204 free XP
    ladder attachments for the Borsig, Tiger II, Tiger I, SU-152 and ISU-152
    certificate for 9h of premium account
    a lot of boosters.
    4,426 battles, 56,61% WR, 420 praises (the total number of praises, also the number lol) and 0 complaints
    It has the following tanks:
    Tier X: T57 Heavy, T-62A
    Tier IX: B-C 25 t AP
    Tier VIII: T49, KV-5, IS-5
    Tier VII: T-34-85 Rudy, IS-2 (1945), ISU-122S, M4/FL10
    Tier VI: PZ. IV S., Dicker Max, SU-100Y, AC IV Sentinel, TOG II*, Kuro Mori Mine, Strv 74A2, M4A3E8 with legendary camo, Jackson
    Tier V: Krupp-38(D), Pz. V/IV, Y5 T-34, S35 CA
    Tier IV: Luchs, Valentine Mk. IX
    Tier III: Pz. II G, BT-SV
    Tier II: M3 Stuart
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