Selling  Europe  Android and iOS WoT Blitz account for sale 22k battles, 54.5 WR

Discussion in 'World of Tanks Blitz Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Andor89, 9/14/21.

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    Account server: Europe

    Battle count: 21.7k

    Win rate: 54.53%

    Gold: 5200
    Credits: 12.5 million
    Free Xp: 370k

    I want to sell my six year old WoT Blitz account. Ther are ALL resercheable vehicles reserched, except the M-Yoh class, but there are enough free xp to began the research.

    See the pictures below. Ther are no pictures from all tech tree, but if you want more, I can send you via e-mail.

    Premium tanks:

    • AMX 30 1er prot.
    • T26E4
    • IS-6
    • IS-2 (1945)
    • M4/FL10
    • Loza's Sherman
    • Cromwell B

    Storage: There are a bunch of boosters not being used, certificates of premium account equal around 2 months (+20 days of active premium), so many camouflages that are not used.

    WotB_01.jpg WotB_02.jpg WotB_03.jpg WotB_04.jpg WotB_05.jpg WotB_06.jpg WotB_07.jpg WotB_08.jpg WotB_09.jpg