Selling World/NA account Seha-focused, 4 sub chars, ready for future content $160

Discussion in 'Closers Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Prisma, 11/30/19.

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  1. Prisma

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    My Location:
    Chars and Gear
    Seha - 14/13/12/12
    Wolfgang - 13/13/13/12
    Yuri - 13/12/12/12
    Bai - 13/12/12/12
    J - 13/11/12/12

    Featured Items

    450+ eb2
    2 dark synchro fibers
    3 +13 boosters(all time-limited*)
    3 +12 boosters(1 time-limited*)
    320+ reanimators
    11 alpha equalizers(all time-limited*), 1 or more permanents
    62 transcendant elixir,(44 time-limited*), 18 permanent
    5 shape memory device
    4 platinum drivers(2 time-limited*)
    mini natasha pet container
    86 performance fabric treatment(4 time-limited*)
    A LOT of materials eg. Chromatic phase essence, sticky residue, pvp tokens

    Basically have good amount of resources for upcoming raid content(Beelzebub) and possibility to switch mains as most of my chars are near max level

    pm Aind#4327 on discord if interested
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