Selling Wizard101 Account all areas bought up to avalon

Discussion in 'Wizard101 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Noobs Play, 5/28/17.

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    Hello i have been playing Wizard101 sense 2011 i have my level 82 storm wizard he is my highest my next highest is 30's but screen shots to see as i have full shared bank space and bank on some char your gonna have to see but i have bought every area in the game up to Avalon my storm have done every quest in the game up to the point of Avalon mid Avalon have enough crowns for level 90 dungeon to buy and yes i have all the other dungeons i have everything unlock up to and through Avalon i have bundles on the account as well email me at Wizard101 Main Page.jpg [email protected]

    Wizard101 Bank.jpg Wizard101 Bank 2.jpg Wizard101 equipment P.1.jpg Wizard101 equipment P.2.jpg Wizard101 equipment P.3.jpg Wizard101 equipment P.4.jpg Wizard101 equipment P.5.jpg Wizard101 equipment P.6.jpg Wizard101 Stats.jpg
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.