Selling  Global  Average WINDIAMS - Selling Account w/ 15b meso, 1m NX, 200 VP and good weeb IGNs.

Discussion in 'Maplestory Private Server Accounts for Sale - Buy and Sell' started by mahotsukai, 6/23/22.

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    Selling account. It has 15b ish, account wide VIP (enables @go without cd and can stack up to 5k items per slot), has the 250 quests for a m/watt bonus done including Alcaster's quest, has a few equips and rather decent gear and mid legion level which can get you to farming and bossing asap with little to no effort.

    Looking to sell because: life been difficult, ngl, I started playing with an old dear friend of mine, but he got far ahead and due to unmotivation I didn't progress much and now I will have to move and he moved on to another server, idk when I will be able to play again. PM me an offer or discord name if interested. No screens for obvious reasons.
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