Where can I kill my spare time without Wolrd of Warcraft

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    Firstly, let me have a brief self-introduction, my name is Allan, a really faithful WoW US Player. I’ve played WoW US for more than 3 years from the last version-The Burning Crusade to the latest one-The wrath of Lich King. Permanently, I almost lost myself in World of Warcraft, careless what happens in real life as well as my daily matters. I believe that many fictitious roles in WOWdeeply attract me for there always being one that fits me, which I can not experience in my apparently failed life. In fact, my poor performance in studies and awful behaviors in my class both seem to demonstrate that I'm always a useless guy in everyone's eyes. However, only in WOW can I erect my illustrious images, which may be understood as a self-love partiality to some extent that perhaps means less to u but I care a lot and I extremely enjoy this process and feeling. Although I still like playing WOW, I still like the charming BloodeEvel Girl, and I still love PVP duel, every time I exit the game I don't know what I should do and where I should go just like a blind fly without any directs. NOW, everything has changed, I find a joyful website to kill my spare time in the days without the World of Warcraft.I think from now I never worry about the boring time without WOW. So I reveal the secret and I hope that I can give the friends who have the similiar situation as me some aids! Click here to visit: Save WoW Gold
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.