What a Complete Loser and waste of time

Discussion in 'Maplestory Accounts for Sale - Buy and Sell' started by Facebook, 8/1/14.

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    *****************************************************. is such a moron. Seriously this guy dragged me through 4 hours of nonsense telling me he would buy my hermit,

    I did a private auction and payed fees cause he said he was gonna buy

    but he lied and kept dragging me to wait hours upon hours.

    man this guy is such a loser, -_-

    If you dont want somethen say it dont make people spend money

    just cause your a stupid loser

    i hope everyone scams the mess out of him

    Thx. for the compliment. Acually also when i get scammed it makes me want to quit the game. And i have 1 more acc left. If that acc gets scammed. then i quit and im done with childish computer games.

    I hope someone you love gets hit by a car and dies,

    -_- im so mad iv had 5 or more ppl today try to scam me

    i seriously wish you burn in hell

    your a loser and an *******, you dident have to drag me around for hours and let me get you all those items on the account

    i was gonna give you FREE

    you fken loser seriously go die , and goto hell where you belong

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