Sold WHALE DBL ACCOUNT, 8 LF's, All anniversary units other than Blue Vegito- £50.

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    Selling a full access Whale DBL Account for cheap- Sell3r#5411

    Account units include: Fusion Zamasu, Super Full Power Saiyan 4, Goku Omega Shenron, Super Saiyan Trunks (Adult) (Rage), Super Saiyan 3 GokuLEGENDS LIMITED, Full Power Boujack, Syn Shenron, Super Saiyan 2 Kefla, Broly: Cheelai (Assist), Super Saiyan God SS VegetaLEGENDS LIMITED, Fusion Android #13, Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth)LEGENDS LIMITED, Vegito, Super Gogeta, Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black, Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta, Final Form Frieza, Goku Super Saiyan Goten (Kid)LEGENDS LIMITED, Super Janemba Buu: Super Super Saiyan Gohan, Saiyan 4 Goku, Golden Frieza, Super Saiyan God Goku, Super Saiyan God SS Goku, 1st Form FriezaLEGENDS LIMITED, Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth), Android #17, Super VegitoLEGENDS LIMITED, Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, Android #18, PiccoloLEGENDS LIMITED, Ultimate Gohan Absorbed Buu, Perfect Cell, Super Saiyan God SS , Vegito, Goku Black, GokuLEGENDS LIMITED, Hit, Final Form Frieza, Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen), Gogeta, Android #21 Super Super Gogeta, Super Saiyan Vegeta ,1st Form Frieza, Super Saiyan God SS Goku and many more!!!!

    Direct message me on discord: Sell3r#5411- I show all the screenshots of the account here.

    All of this for just £50.
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