Selling  Android  High End Whale Account with 10k MATK / 13k+ SATK Gunpla / High Armor + DEF (Nearly $10,000 spent)

Discussion in 'Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by jleex7, 11/20/19.

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    I spent nearly $10,000 on my account and honestly do not have the time to continue playing. Looking for the best offer and at this time will not go below the asking price (recently lowered), unless you have an equivalent trade. I will be willing to provide all requested screenshots and can reference my posts in the GundamBattle subreddit if you want to verify authenticity.

    General Account details
    • Lv 120
    • 1,390 Haro Chips
    • 560/560 Parts in Box
    • 44/70 Items in Box
    • 14/100 Gears in Box (including Armor+1500, MeleeAtk+1500, and ShotAtk+1500)

    Here are some details on my main Gunpla's parts (see below):
    • Pilot: Seabook Arno (Lv: 8)
    • EX Skills: Fatum-00 (Lv: 9), Xiphias Railgun (Lv: 9), Archer Stance (Lv: 6)


    Most of my other rare parts are equipped on my other gunplas, which I can provide screenshots for. I have all the rare pilots so you can go for Defender, In-Fighter, Out-Fighter or Long-Shooter builds. I also have many unused parts with leveled up EX Skills or Part Traits. I have completed a lot of sets for my collection, but removed parts that I found were not useful or that I recycled for better parts. And yes, I've completed the Code Phi set.

    I would prefer direct trade over using a middleman, PayPal preferred. Feel free to reply here or message me in Discord @Min#6074. Thanks in advance!
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