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    Upon purchasing this order,you will join our lobby which it will only takes 5 minutes to upgrade all Modern Warfare guns to max levels

    Note : Due to timezone difference,When we are online normally messages/inquiries will be replied as soon as possible < 1 Hour and we are mostly online 16/7.
    If we are offline it might take a maximum of 10 hours for us to reply.
    For Orders that are placed,We will contact you as soon as the order is started,please wait patiently during the process.
    For orders that are placed when we are offline,Please wait patiently,We will also reply as soon as we wake up ya.
    Thanks for your understanding

    Order Process :

    Self join is available!
    Requirements : You must own the full Modern Warfare On PC/XBOX/PS4 For self join
    Provide us your activision ID once the order is started in the chat system.

    1. All orders are started as soon as possible after purchase. All time frames below are estimated and based on previous order completion. Your order updates will be given through chat system.

    For Providing us your account info : (Ignore if self join)
    2. If you are a Xbox/Battlenet player, please link your Activision account to a PSN account.

    3. After placing your order, please copy and paste the [info needed] into the chat system 3 Way conversation / Discord /Telegram/.
    4. Please disable your 2FA.

    DISCLAIMER: Your delivery might be delayed if 2FA isn't disabled.
    Important Note: Setting up a secret question can help our operators to access into your account more easily and thus, faster delivery speed.

    Copy & Paste Info Needed

    Game: Login(PSN):
    Secret Question Answer (PSN):
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