Warning demk is back scammer

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    Hey i have a chat log of his chatting and his new gzp name is burbank im posting this becasue he just made a failed scam attempt with prrof chat log here. i used paint to capture with print screen i think i messed up a bit. i will post them after they are all uploaded to photobucket


    Here is my album of all the chat logs where he says hes going to scam and creating multiple accounts becasue he was banned

    hope you can ip ban him and his new account(s)

    Mods release his IP and internet service provider and soon we will have his phone and speak to his parents on their shameful son.

    well i already knew that. thanks though ^^

    He is Tupoi, a known scammer. He has changed his IP since the last ban.

    yeah this is for new people out there information incase they get trapped by him and get scammed

    Originally Posted by lilboi19k

    yeah this is for new people out there information incase they get trapped by him and get scammed

    Hey lilboi19k scammed me i have all the screen shots for anyone who needs i videod it he took my account in a mm trade -___-

    True, and he always asks for point donations to change his interface to make him look...PRO!

    As you can see demk is resorting to this; accusing me of scamming. Well the proof is there that he asked me to scam and i declined and during the mm trade he tried to frame me. This is what happens when i try to help a person out by mm'in

    now i understand better why so many trusted mm's have left and why gzp doenst have official mm's

    Tupoi's doing what he does best. Resorting to lame excuses, bad grammar, and unsupported accusations....

    so he's tupoi as well? dang seriously a call to his parents should be in order.

    well he left me a negative for w/e reason and he says he has proof and doesnt provide

    which is very weird so can i get that removed and him banned; hes very annoying.
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