Selling  Android and iOS  Average War Planet Lvl 30, World 58.

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    My Location:
    War Planet Account Details

    Account Linked with Gmail(I prefer to tansfer progress if you're buying via IOS).

    Location: New World 58
    Current Power: 100m
    VIP: Level 8
    Faction Member of:MRA(Current top faction, Allies with LSP, .45 and many more)


    J.Trasher: Lvl 43
    J.Trasher Equipment:All basic equiment(I've been saving every scrap to make gold items up until now, have tons of purple material)

    L.Qing: Lvl 51
    E.F Walker: Lvl 41
    Y.Volsky: Lvl 46
    M.Kopka: Lvl 41
    A.Grahn: Lvl 37


    Main General buildings all level 30, Everything Mostly 30 except for resource buildings.


    Main General reasearch all level 30, execpt for new update research for gathering ex. Steel research, Oil Research, Polymer, Thorium & Medal Gathering Research.

    Current Holding Resource(includes Stash)

    Steel: 1.5 Billion
    Oil: 2+ Billion
    Polymer: 438,690 Thousand
    Thorium: 6 Million

    I've used to have Tons of all resource by farming, But I have gotten bored overtime and eventually stopped farming.

    Other Details:
    I have farm accounts, some linked with Gmail that is why I am able to farm a lot of resource, I had 60 accounts Then, but only about 16+ or so linked, so I'm able to log in anytime with these aswell. I will also give you these accounts if you buy.

    Farm accounts:

    Name: Aegis
    Level: 23
    Used to be my second base but has been attack in the period where I have been playing less. Now is a farm base.

    Name: several level 16 accounts(purpose of level 16 is access to thorium) too many to mention here. All of them have 4 commanders for more fathering output.

    I am able to gather roughly 4m thorium every 4-5hrs(with gathering boost) and 10m Polymer with these farms.

    Reason For Selling: I have simply got bored at playing the game. And I have got even more bored when I got attacked, was 200m before.

    If you want actual screenshots you can email me at [email protected] or chat me on facebook, add me as a friend Joshua Fermin, my cover photo is the one from UP Movie with the house made to float by hundreads of baloons. My profile picture Is the same with my avatar here on playerup.

    I've bought MANY $99 Dollar packs on this account, I'm Idealy selling this for around $600 but we can negotiate.
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