Want to trade x3 220 accounts Look Inside!

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    Hey spamsite Dragon people, I have 3 accounts I want to trade because I have no interest in playing them anymore because I only play my engineer. I been meaning to trade them for a while but didn't know where to do so but a guildmate showed me this site. Account# 1- I am the original owner / Account # 2 - Guildmate gave me ownership before he quit two years ago / Account # 3 - Same as account #2, was given to me. I am willing to meet/show the person I am trading with ingame to show my characters I have no problem doing so. I WILL require to talk to the person who I am going to trade with on the phone, so if you can't do this then please don't bother wasting my time. I read a few post here and saw there was a lot of scammers, NO scammers! I have a great reputation ingame and so does these characters! Account #1 RK1 (OMNI) 220 Atrox Soldier with lots of pandemonium gear. Soldier has Burden/Beast Helm/Beast Sleeve/Beast Pants/1k board/2.5k board/Full Tier 3 set/Using 6 Zodiac NCU's/Has all 3 TNH Belts Sen/agil str/sta intel/psy/ Soldier star/hhab/Inf ring/All garden keys/Globe of sufference/Full Azure armor/ Full Omni armed force armor/ Omni Tek GUNSHIP!! and many more not listed 215 Solitus Martial Artist - Full Tier 3/ Azure armor/ Has most shadowland garden keys/arul bracers/rings etc.... Equipment is alright 213 Solitus Agent - Has Tier 3/ Omni Armed Forced Armor/Azure armor / Has most shadowland garden keys/arul bracers/rings etc.... Equipment is alright Account # 2 RK1 (OMNI) 220 Nanomage Doctor - Equipment is decent, haven't activated this account for a long time but he had Some Azure armor, Armed Force armor, Tier 3 Armor, 2.5k Token Board, bracers, rings, 3 pande gear etc... 216 Solitus MP - Has Full Tier 3 armor, 1k Token Board, Nice symbiants, azure armor, bracers, garden keys, rings etc.. 210 Opifex Shade Tier 3, Nippys, nice QL spirits, Blood Soaked Coat etc... Account # 3 RK1 (Clan) 218 Solitus Male Keeper - Nicely equipped keeper he has Full Tier 3 armor, QL 300 CM Helmet, Burden of Competence, Keeper star, Zod NCU's, all garden keys, bracers etc... this is nicely equipped account 220 Clan Soldier Nanomage - Full tier 3, CSS QL 300 helmet, Most soldier guns, Nice High QL symbiants, 2.5k board, all garden keys, arul bracers etc... What I want to trade for account #1 is either a Robust Backpack + 800 mil credits or 4 Billion credits Account # 2 I will settle for 1.5 Bil credits Account # 3 I will trade for 2.5 billion credits I would also be interested in trading for Ragnarok Online level 99 account or a level 70 WoW (Horde) account. You can contact me on Aim: tranqie81 : [email protected] Thanks for your interest
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