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    Time has come when Im bored of playing my characters, spent alot of time on them now and I really want to quit them, but I dont want to quit AO therefore im willing to TRADE, and only trade. I got 3 accounts tradeable. My characters are on RK1, and all the accouts are paid for a year from january. That means you get a year free playtime. ----------RK1----------- 220 soldier, soldier with alot of pande gear, APPRENTICE titled, got ql 300 T3 and 1.8k tokens. Good weapons and perfect perk build. AI level 22. 211 fixer, this fixer is used for pvp and is now titled ROOKIE. He got all GAs and is the ultimat pvp player. 211 NT, my NT is one of my favorites on my account, spent alot time on him and he got now very good gear, and his AI level 15. 209 Bura, the bura is used for grinding, really good, got the best nanos etc. 180 adv, the advent used to be a twink, 2 chiropteras and T2. 170 engi, the engi is used for trade skills. All this characters got 1000+tokens. AND they are on same account. ----------RK2--------- 215 soldier, this soldier is really good for pvm and pvp. Rookie titled, AI level 20 and got the 1000 tokenboard. He got alot of good items etc. ql 300 T3 and ql 300 weapons. 140 doc, this doc is twinked and got the best doc nanos before u hit 200. 110 adv. This adv is a pvp twink with 2 chiropteras. ---------RK2---------- 200 agent, really nice agent, got some ok gear, T2 etc. Nice weapons and ncu chips, got the best trader nanos and doc buffs. 170 soldier, I used him for pvp, got T1/T2, rookie titled and he got alot of tokens, twink items etc. 60 fixer, used for temple twink, pawns everything and everyone in duel. GA2 100% 15 trader, used as twink, really funny ------------------------------------------------------------ This is what I have to offer, and what I want to trade FOR is: 219+ NT 215+ enf 220+ MP 215+ agent. 220+ fixer. I want an account on RK2. And im willing to give 2 of the accounts listed over, you can choose by yourself. And I know how to avoid scammers, sorry to say it but they really piss me off. So if u are a scammer dont even think to contact me. : [email protected] : [email protected] Im mostly online all day on . /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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