Want to Sell ISK 20$ per billion, verified, 3rd party as well if you wish so.

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    Hi there, I wanna sell ISK, 20$ per billion as the title says. ISK is earned with my hard work put into this game so I feel that RMT is not hurting anyone, it's like any other job. I need money, hopefully you need my ISK. I will ask to talk to you guys if you want to buy. or Messenger is a way to start. That way we can settle the best way to provide the ISK, depending on your needs. More details on or . I will also ask for paypal transfer as it is instant and we can finish the deal very fast. I am verified. Being a verified is not a MUST but would be better if you are. IF you feel like having as a third party, be my guest but you pay 's fee! I wanna kindly ask you to post here your feedback. I will screenshot and/or fraps the transactions so there will be no doubts about the deal. I will not sell to noob characters. Starter characters are often banned. I will sell it to your main. Don't be afraid to deal with the main char, we both have same goal, not getting banned. I am a normal player as you are. Deals between old characters are safe unless you do a mistake. DO NOT tell anyone that you buy ISK. Words spread so fast and you never know what other player wants you get busted. If you get busted, I will prolly get too and I don't want that to happen to any of us. You can refer to a friend you really trust, otherwise better don't. Been doing some search on the net for the best isk sellers. I sell below any site, I can give the link in private to check for yourself. Up to date : 2 sales, 100% positive feedback. And YES, we could negotiate, especially if we made deals before. If the customer is happy, then I get the $$$ and will be happy as well Everybody wins. Any thoughts or questions, please reply here or : email : [email protected] ID :safe-isk
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