Want to sell Agent with everyhing DECKED OUT!

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    I am planning on quitting Anarchy Online and am ready to sell my Agent Account. Level: 220 Agent Server: RK1 Alien Level: 22+ Expansions: All Expansions including Lost Eden Breed: Opifex Faction: Omni This agent has everything that an agents need for PvP and PvM. Pandemonium Gear, AI Gear, LE gear. Almost a Full Set of The Beast Armor. *3500 Tokens (has 2500 and 1000 TokenBoards)* *Full Set of Combined SharpShooters Armor x7 Pieces *Burden of Competence (The Beast Back Item) *Shoulderplates of Sabotage (The Beast Shoulder Item) *Full set of HIGH QL Syms with Def Implants for Uber Evades (lots and lots more refind implants and symbiants in bank) *Star of Stealth *BioMaterial Defensive Shield *Aquarius's Multitask Calculator *Maar's Yellow Belt of Double Speed (Agil/Sen Belt) *Maar's Red Belt of Double Power (Str/Sta Belt) *Gaily Painted Hood *Greaves of Malfeasance (The Beast Pants) *Cuirass of Obstinacy (The Beast Chest) *Cancer's Time-Saving Memory (Zodiac Item) *Sagittarius's Hearty Spirit Helper (Zodiac Item) *Intuitive Memory of the Aquarius (Zodiac Item) *Enthusiastic Spirit Helper of the Leo (Zodiac Item) *Capricorn's Relieable Memory (Zodiac Item) *Well Balanced Spirit Helper of Libra (ZodIac Item) *FUll set of QL 300 Chosen Armor *Full set of Azure Armor *Hold Hell at Bay *Pure Novictum Ring for the Artillery Unit *Every required important quest done. *All types of Bracelet of Arul Saba *All types of Rings *Bags and Bags of twinking items *All the Garden Keys *All needed Agent Rifles (AI Rifle/LE Rifle/Lord of Angst/Booster/Jotr/Garganthua/Focus/Oneida etc.... This account also has a nicely Twinked PVP SOLDIER and account has so much more items that I didn't list. I am only accepting money, NO Trades please, and I am not accepting offers UNDER $500 USD. SERIOUS buyers only, will require to talk with the buyer who gives me the best offer over the phone. If you do not meet these requirements,please don't bother contacting me, SERIOUS BUYERS only, this is a HIGH END Anarchy Online Account. Thank you Contact Info: E-mail: [email protected] Internet Chat of Choice : Messenger at [email protected] Or you can leave me your Phone Number by e-mail and I will contact you when I get a chance.
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