Want ISK for AOC account.

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    I've got the following AOC account which was a premium account and as such has 4 characters on. lvl 56 - Priest of Mitra lvl 50 - Ranger lvl 40 - Conq lvl 9 - Guard You can unlock 2 character on the free to play and the account has 4 levels ready to be given to any character over level 30. This was a full account with god slayer, it has the following special items: => Blue Snow Mammoth => Ravager of Jhil => Number of Male and Female Tattoo Unique => Ring of Dreaming Demons => Number of XP potions *May still be on account it was last active before free to play. This account has been played by me all the way and all characters are on one server. Looking for EVE Online ISK I've got the eve bug again I was trying to leave and have sold a lot of GTC on this site trying to leave this game but want to buy a character now so after ISK. please post or mail me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.