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    Information Char Name: Ward Level: Full Main Class: Saggitarius[LvL 80] Sub Class: Cardinal[LvL 80] PvP: 54 PK: 22 Clan: No Ally: No Popular: Yes Nobless: Yes Items Weapon Dagger +30 Pole +30 Bow +30[Passive Evasion] Mage +30 Armor Titanium Heavy +30 Titanium Light +30 Titanium Robe +30 Imperial S Grade +30 Other Tattoo of Soul +30 Tattoo of Avadon +30 Sealed Scroll 730 Fireworks I don't remember.I thing 200 Full boss +30[Valakas,Baium e.t.c] 2 Accounts [Ward and DJFarmer] Server have full PVP Foto Number 1 ~> img826.imageshack.us/i/shot00061n.jpg/ Number 2 ~> img805.imageshack.us/i/shot00028v.jpg/ Payment by paysafecard and paypal[Recommender] Paypal: 6Euro [Recommender] Paysafecard: 10Euro Note: Pm me or Post here Note No1:password don't can change only you can contact with Gekas [Admin in L2Meredith and User in forum] Gekas: Account Manager Soon.. [Problem FIXED] Note No2:2 Accounts with same passwords Note No3:I am not scammer . I am trusted. Don't believe? Pm me WebSite is L2Meredith Ward Doom.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.