Sold VIP Decepticon HQ15 Max Player Lvl 71

Discussion in 'Transformers Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Kingred1, 12/15/17.

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  1. Kingred1

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    Great account just don’t have time to play anyomore. Here are some details in regards to the account. Any questions please message me.

    20+4 stars

    5Star Onslaught 42/6
    Tantrum 52/6
    BC 53/6
    StarScram 54/8
    MM 54/8
    LH 53/8
    Brawl 53/8
    Hook 53/5
    Scourge 51/7
    Swindle 53/7
    BlastOff 52/7
    Skywarp 52/7
    Shock 51/4

    Plus many other 4 stars over 50 and close to 50

    DE my newest lvl 35 I think

    Combiners - Dev Lvl 10
    Bruticus - Lvl 7
    Predking - lvl 3

    1.7M Spark

    asking $400 but can discuss just message me and we can chat on line app as well
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Thread Status:
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