Selling  Android and iOS  VIP 13  High End VIP 13 account, lvl 205, 23 T3 (+All Natives at T3) , 4 transcended, 67 CTPS, ALL cards, TOP account

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    Selling top end game account for cheap as moving abroad, in top alliance that fight AC against all top alliances in the game, over $3000 investment, almost maxed account, good card rolls (all premium chest cards).

    Previously member of top of server Korean Secret Avengers alliance
    (시크릿SA), won many Alliance Tournaments

    - 13,000 crystals
    - 23 T3 including all native T2 at T3
    - Agent level 205
    - Fully maxed ISO-8 upgrades on all T3 characters
    - Level 5/max type enhancement for all T3 characters (max SS, JG, Thanos)
    - Optimal CTP for every T3 character (majority rage/regen)
    - Top PVP build for T3 Silver Surfer (Regen)/Jean Grey (Greed) + Odin's Blessings, rank 6 enhancement for both
    - Almost all premium bio sub characters at T2
    - All major uniforms for every character at mythic (150 mythic unforms), all uniform options mythic for native T2 characters

    Contact for more details, CTP has wide variety, mostly rage or regen (over 30 left over stacked in inventory after assignment to all T3 characters)
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