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    (I currently have TWO different Destiny 2 account for sale, see other threads!)

    Buy with confidence!! I sold another one of my accounts recently with Positive Feedback! Follow this link for more information on the account that sold using MiddleMan service for the transaction:

    Warlock: 1319 base + 12 artifact = 1331 Light Level
    Hunter: 1319 base + 12 artifact = 1331 Light Level
    Titan: 1319 base + 12 artifact = 1331 Light Level

    - V E X - M Y T H O C L A S T -

    ** FLAWLESS Seal **
    ** CONQUEROR Seal **
    (Conqueror was Gilded last season)

    10x Ascendant Shards
    50x Enhancement Prisms
    +10x Ascendant Shards at Postmaster!
    +50x Enhancement Prisms at Postmaster!

    If you're looking for a Trials Ready account without having to grind up your light level this account is for you! Farm your '(ADEPT) weapon' this Friday when trials returns!

    (ADEPT) Icarus Grip
    (ADEPT) Big Ones
    (ADEPT) Igneous Hammer
    (ADEPT) Palindrome
    (ADEPT) Messenger
    (ADEPT) The Swarm
    (ADEPT) Shadow Price
    (ADEPT) Sola's Scar
    (ADEPT) Tomorrow's Answer

    Eyes of Tomorrow!, Anarchy, Dead Man's Tale, Black Talon, Felwinter's Lie, Izanagi's Burden, Adored, Astral Horizon, The Steady Hand, Revoker, Ikelos SMG, No Time To Explain, Crimson, Wardcliff, Vigilance Wing, Tractor Cannon, Whisper of the Worm... the list goes on!

    Includes Destiny 2 Account and Steam account.
    Beyond Light + Forsaken
    Cross save enabled, open, and available!
    You can play on XBOX / PS4 / PC on this account immediately after purchase!


    I am the only owner of all the accounts I sell, I personally grind Destiny 2 accounts for fun! The account has never been recalled, hacked, stolen and has never received violation warnings.

    If there is something additional you want included or any grinds or completions I can add, reach out and we can work something out.

    Contact: Playerup Private Messages
    Asking: $1645.00
    Via MiddleMan Service for seamless transfer!