VET account 5x80's US severs

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    Very nice Vet account. **468** vet tokens -22 offline levels -1350 Funcom points -Paid till 5-15-2012 -tons of Claims - 70+ gold *80 Sin...set.... Best blues, some brittle blade gear 2x asuran daggers cost 15gold each recipe book in the bank for Ornimants of the city worth 30+ gold Jovus cloak, necklace, ring bag full of gems rank 2 with BB , 1 with others swift mount some AA's with tainted weapons.....FH training now *80 DT .....set..... Best blues, Full set of tiger gear....epic tiger boots and bracers Nice shield with crit from the store some wolves gear and T1/T2 gear.......epic 1he sword Tiger Mount Good AA's with void of madness 42 Life essence (worth gold or gear) Rank 4 with tigers, 4 with wolves, 4 with jang shi, 3 last legion, 3 shadows of jade, 3 yag kosha *80 Tos.....wicc.... Best Blues and some T1T2 good AA's including Idol of rejuvenation and Coils of the serpent Swift mount Rank 3 yag kosha, 2 shadows, 2 scarlet circle *80 necro......set..... T2 helm the rest full T1 set needs bracers good AA's including the top 3 2slot 720 hour ones Swift mount *80 HOX......tryn.... Full T2 gear pvp 2 with gear Good AA's top 3 2slot trained Rank 3 with tigers 1500 imperial insig in quest bag 200 moa's *23 DT...deathwish..... full set of store bought blues and weapons ton of mats in the bank to sell *23 Demo....wicc.... best gear and many lvl's of blues in the bank ***this account is a steal at $300.00** not many account have that many vet tokens. you can use em to buy imperial insig if you want and rank up to 4 with any faction, get big bags, paths, or mounts... I have a good rep on this site and others if you look over my history....paypal only.............shoot me a pm and we can set up a time to meet on the phone or ventrillo ect.. screenshots incoming
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.