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    This acct is one of the nicer accts for sale on the Wiccana Server. Consists of 2 guards, 2 sins, 1 hox, 1 demo, 1 tos, 1 bs, 1 dt, 1 barb, so 10 in all. Guard 1, has all T3 (except for shield), All main pieces and most of the accessories for the Khatia Last Legion set (+hate set). Very advanced in the AA's. Guard 2, Has all T2 (except for sword). Very well AA'd, Not as good as guard 1. Sin 1, Has full set of Brittle Blade gear, 3 T3 rares (just awaiting relics), a crafted T3 dagger (SPIN OF DAGON), and the Hykerian dagger aswell in the offhand. Full T2 gear equiped currectly except for T3 wrists. Around 2k dps on average. Sin 2, has full set of culture gear, and 2 asuran daggers. Not very well AA'd, but still has a great amount of potential. Around 1200-1400 dps on average. Barb, Has mostly T2 armor only missing a few pieces (helm, wrists, and shoulders) Has T2 everything else. Decent AA's, nothing special. T2 DT sword, and crafted offhand. DT, Full Culture gear and T2. Has some of the necessary things like void etc. Nothing to hot on the AA's. Great starter toon to make your own, without being to far behind. Hox, Full T2 gear, also has a few Brittle Blade pieces and summoners. Crafted IBIS on the hox. Very well AA'd, holds his own with almost anyone's hox. Demo, T2 everything except for chest and l. T2 - T1 weapons, Decently AA'd. Can actually out dps other people in full sommoners gear with this toon. Evidently other people suck, or my build is kicking love you. Decently AA'd. Tos, Full T2, Some khatai purps, VERY well AA'd. Does amazing dps and is fun to play. BS, Full T2/T3. VERY well AA'd. Does a considerable amount of dps with the current build. This acct also has a HUGE amount of recipes. 3/4 of all the culture armorsmiths in the game. I will list them off for you below. Guard = Full set Conq = Full set DT = Major pieces Sin = Full set Barb = Minors Ranger = Full set Tos = None Bs = None Pom = Majors Demo = Minors Hox = Full set Necro = Full set Some rare City recipes I have are: Stoneheart Helm Stoneheart (all accessories) Only missing Chest and L for full set Warmaster Helm/L, also have all the accessories, only missing chest Obliterator boots, shoulders, belt Graymist l, shoulders, boots, belt Torment helm, l, and ALL accesories. Only missing chest! Darkfate, Chest, Helm, and I beleive ALL accessories. Weapons are also all collected. I don't know of any city weaponsmiths I dont have. I also craft all the base armor sets, and 2-3 sets of the bases for the weapons. I have the Dgger bases, and Axe bases on the acct. All in all, I beleive I have about 250 patters, I can craft. I also have an alchemist with a few recipes their aswell. This acct also have between 1500-1700 gold acct wide. With absolute crap tons of rare harvesting mats aswell. This acct is going for 1,000 and 1,500 dollars. Only SERIOUS offers please! Send me a pm, and we can chat in either vent or a phone call. Thanks in advance!
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