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Discussion in 'Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by afonsomlf, 11/7/19.

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    Hey guys! I am selling my Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage Account. I have had a lot of fun using this account but with university I don't have time to grind so I figured I would sell the account. I am selling at a much lower price than what I have spent on the game so don't miss out. I also have a few stat cards and a few p2w ninja tools.

    Contact me by
    email: [email protected]
    Discord: afonsofernandes

    Pré-visualizar anexo NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-04-30.png[​IMG]
    NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-04-30.png
    2.9 MB

    Pré-visualizar anexo NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-04-35.png
    NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-04-35.png
    2.9 MB

    Pré-visualizar anexo NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-08-37.png
    NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-08-37.png
    3.5 MB

    Pré-visualizar anexo NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-08-46.png
    NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-08-46.png
    3.6 MB

    Pré-visualizar anexo NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-04-20.png
    NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-04-20.png
    3 MB

    Pré-visualizar anexo NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-08-23.png
    NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-08-23.png
    3.7 MB

    Pré-visualizar anexo NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-08-30.png
    NxB NV_2019-11-07-18-08-30.png
    3.3 MB