Sold **Very Cheap**Max Legend*Level 13 With 18 MAX Cards *Highest 6102

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    LEVEL 13

    ***Very Cheap***

    ***Night Witch Legendary Max***

    *** Free Change Name***

    18 Max Card 90/90 Card***

    level 13 MAX LEVEL. iOS and Android

    Highest trophies: 6102

    check in taqs:
    ghost #80VQU9LP | Card Collection | Player Profile - RoyaleAPI - Clash Royale Analytics
    Account TAG: #80VQU9LP (Check it on

    Full information will be given: Email of Supercell ID with full access. Including Gmail and Password And Backup Codes

    ACCOUNT IS FULLY SECURED 100% and Lifetime Warranty

    For More Details And Price Negotiation Contact Me:

    line id : nima.de7332
    telegram : @nimade7332
    kik username : nima.dehghan
    skype : nima.de7332
    discord : nima#2050

    Screenshot_20190213-215752.jpg Screenshot_20190213-215800.jpg Screenshot_20190213-215806.jpg Screenshot_20190213-215812.jpg Screenshot_20190213-215819.jpg Screenshot_20190213-215825.jpg Screenshot_20190213-215844.jpg Screenshot_20190213-220003.jpg
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