Selling  High End Vanu BR 56 with Betelgeuse, TR BR 60 have carapace medic (one account), 150 euros paid for DB cash

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Tichoslapek, 8/4/19.

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    More than 150 euros paid
    Don't worry, never used any cheat of any kind, no chance of getting banned (we can even wait few weeks so you can be sure)
    We can negotiate on price

    Both characters are on MILLER
    Vanu character (gained 17410 certs) VERY GOOD HEAVY ASSAULT BR 56 with auraxiumed weapon Betelgeuse, NS-15M2, NSX Naginata (all upgrades), NSX-P Naginata, NS-44B Commissioner, NS-45 Pilot, Spiker, Pulsar, SVA-88, Thanatos, VE-H MAW, VE-LR obelisk, Decimator, Nemesis, Nanite mesh gen 5, All grenades, maxed up medical kit, Assimilate 4, Battle harnened 4, catlike 3, heavyweight 4, minor cloak, regen 4, safe fall 4 and many 2 and 1 implants, 2141 ISO, NS Victory, NSX-P tanto, nano armor kit 5, medical aplicator 4, Ghost, black tiled camo, grey scales camo, cells camo, amerish grassland camo, ifrit mask, maniac helmet, salvaged platinum helmet, vanu holiday hat, rift knight heavy assault armor, zealot heavy assault armor, hossin fieldplate, pathfinder armor, many many decals,

    TR character (gained 20059 certs) VERY OP BATTLE MEDIC WITH CARAPACE BR 60, nano regen 5, grenade bandolier 2, nano revive grenade, restoration kit 4, combat surgeon 4, catlike 5, assimialte 4, athelete 3, battle harnedne 3, infra vission, logisticks specialist, regen 4, safe fall 4, Dragoon, watchman, amr 66, msw-r, NSX naginata (with all upgrades), NSX-P naginata, T7 mini chaingun, AVA MK 1 helmet, ava dragoon helmet, commando berret, havoc captain helmet, maniac helmet, terran holiday hat, ava heavy assault armor, havoc heavy assault armor, many many decals, NS anihilitar, NS decimator, ASP-30 grounder, NS-44 Commisoner, NS-44B commisioner, NSX-P tanto, NS victory, grey scales camo, ammerish grassland camo
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