USA LoL account for Sale, All Champs and 38 Skins

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    Hello! I ran some quick numbers on my league of legends account and noticed that I have spent a good deal of money on this game, and I'd like to make some it back. I love the game, but I need the money pretty bad. I'm looking for around 225 dollars, if you can offer a number around that than contact me What you're getting All Champions 38 Skins 6 Rune Pages 1500ish Elo Around 1400 games played (Including ranked) 100+ hours of game time 10k+ IP ready to spend 800+ RP ready to spend Red Runes 9 Armor Pen 9 Magic Pen 9 Attack Speed 5 Physical Damage Yellow Seals 9 Attack Speed 9 Armor 9 Mana /5 per level 9 Dodge 4 Crit Chance 4 Mana Regen/ 5 4 Magic Resist per level 8 Health per level 3 Magic Resist Blue Glyphs 9 Magic Resist per level 9 Attack Speed 9 Cooldown Reduction Quintessences 3 Health 3 Attack Speed 3 Gold per 10 4 Armor Pen (misclicked) 3 Physical Damage Skins (In no particular order) 1. Jaximus 2. Dreadknight Nasus 3. Pharaoh Nasus 4. Professor Ryze 5. Myrmidon Pantheon 6. Battleborn Kayle 7. Vandal Brand 8. Urfrider Corki 9. Crimson Akali 10. Frosted Ezreal 11. Count Vladimir 12. Traditional Lee Sin 13 Frozen Terror Nocturne 14. Commando Jarvin IV 15. Shadow Prince Malzahar (Yellow) 16. Desert Trooper Garen 17. Sherwood Forest Ashe (Green skin) 18. Totemic Maokai 19. Commando Galio 20. Dreadknight Garen 21. Cowgirl Miss Fortune 22. Glacial Olaf 23. Forsaken Olaf 24. Brolaf 25. Outback Renekton 26. Galactic Renekton 27. Sailor Gangplank 28. Highland Tryndamere 29. Ionia Master Yi 30. Tribal Ryze 31. Primal Udyr 32. Viscero Xin Zhao 33. Viridian Kayle (Green one) 34. Pre-void Kassadin 35. Imperial Xin Zhao 36. Prestigious LeBlanc 37. Enchanted Galio 38. High Noon Twisted Fate Pictures(Note: I blotted out the IP and RP a-beep-ts, but you should be able to make out that there are 2 and 4 numbers respectfully) As this account is fairly decked out and worth a bit (anyone interested I will tell you the exact a-beep-t I've spent on the game.) I will want to do a phone call verify of the person I am talking to, as well as some kind of other verification (Trustwho, Paypal anything of that nature). I will be happy to show you mine as well. You can contact me at: Aim:Lordfufu87 Email: [email protected]
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