US Your standard PL account everyone asks me for 3x90 BLM WHM RDM

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    Account Details~
    Taru Female Face - 4 Hair - A
    Transfer is available
    Comes with 150k gil on hand
    Unlinked to Square Enix ID!
    Original owner information available
    CD keys unavailable

    RotZ - The Celestial Nexus
    CoP - Dawn
    ToAU - Astral Waves
    Altana - Cait Sith

    BLM90 WHM90
    RDM90 MNK44


    Varuna's Staff +2
    Light Staff
    Dark Staff
    Aquilo's Staff
    Ice Staff
    Thunder Staff

    Faerie Hairpin
    Estq. Chappel
    Hecate's Crown

    Noble's TUnic
    Royal Cloak
    Mederi Talar *Eva +2 Fast cast +3 Mag. Eva. +1*

    Brook Gages

    Lore SLops *CHR +2 Cure spellcast time -5% HP rec. while healing +1*
    Adapa's Slacks

    Estq. Houseaux
    Theurgia Clogs
    Mahatma Pigaches

    Beak Necklace
    Elemental Torque
    Jeweled Collar *MND + 2 Fast Cast +1*

    Penitents Rope

    Potentia Cape

    Insomnia Earring
    Antiventom Earring

    Tamas Ring
    Electrum Ring

    Has a few seals alot of gear unlisted because its just a standard PL account and i'm not asking much for her.

    Bids start @ $150
    Buyout @ $250
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.