US WTS THF/WAR90 DRG75, 100+3 Leathercraft, 4/5 Skadi, Ares, TH gloves, good merits!

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    Recently got this account, it's a great account but I'm more of a RDM kinda guy. Looking to trade or sell. If trade I would like a RDM90 with at least one other 90. Merits/abyssea doesn't matter too much to me since that's what I'll be playing... I'm more interested in what r/ex gear is on the account. If I sell I'm looking for $300 to break even for what I paid. I will probably take the first offer I get, but I would really prefer a trade as opposed to selling and then needing to find a new account...

    Here's the original post with a couple updates since I've played it... Can provide SS if needed.

    Mithra Rank 10 Bastok
    Phoenix server
    Server transfer is down 2 months
    300-500k gil/items
    OO Info Cd Keys available.
    Conquest Points ~1,200
    Imperial Standing ~51,000
    Allied Notes ~21,000

    90 THF
    90 WAR
    76 DRG
    (50 NIN is also well geared and ready to level, with gear and merits would be very easy to solo)

    100+3 Leathercraft
    60 Woodworking, Clothcraft, Alchemy
    51 Goldsmithing
    30 Smithing

    Zilart Complete (Suppa)
    Cop Complete (Rajas)
    ToAu Complete (Ulthalams)
    WOTG = In thenameof the Father
    ACP = The Echo Awakens
    Kupo = Drenched! It began with a Raindrop
    Nyzul Isle floor 100

    --Notable Rare/EX--
    4/5 Skadi (missing hands)
    Ares's Flanchard
    Love Torque
    Temperance Torque
    Assassin's Armlets

    Perdu Voulge
    Fay Lance
    Heart Snatcher
    Zareehkl Jambiya
    Sirocco Kukri
    Seiryu's Sword
    Acha d'Armas
    Erlking's Kheten (dmg+5, att+7, dblatt+1)
    Byakkos Axe
    Fortitude Axe
    Ulfhedinn Axe
    A l'Outrance
    Power Staff
    Ungur Boomerang

    Askar Zucchetto
    Denali Bonnet
    Hecatomb Cap
    Genbu's Kabuto
    Homam Zucchetto
    Walahra Turban
    Adaman Celata
    Enkidu's Cap
    Assassin's Bonnet
    Optical Hat
    Valor Coronet

    Askar Korazin
    Hecatomb Harness
    Homam Corazza
    Assassin's Vest
    Assault Jerkin
    Rapparee Harness

    Homam Manopolas
    Hecatomb Mittens
    Valor Gauntlets

    Ravager's Cuisses +1
    Byakko's Haidate
    Enkidu's Subligar
    Assassin's Culottes
    Aurum Cuisses
    Galliard Trousers

    Homam Gambieras
    Hecatomb Leggings
    Aurum Sabatons
    Rutter Sabatons
    Bounding boots
    Valor Leggings

    Warrior's Stone
    Swift Belt

    Parade Gorget

    Resentment Cape
    Boxer's Mantle
    Assassin's Cape

    Brutal Earring
    Aesir Ear Pendant
    Delta Earring
    Intruder Earring
    Moldavite Earring

    Tau Ring
    Blood Ring
    Jelly Ring
    Bloodbead Ring

    8 HP
    5 STR
    8 Great Axe Skill
    4 Dagger skill
    4 Evasion Skill
    4 Parrying Skill
    4 Critical Hit Rate
    4 Enmity+

    5 Double Attack Rate
    5 Berserk Recast

    5 Triple Attack Rate
    5 Feint
    5 Aura Steal

    TONS of seals for AF3+1s and enough points to buy AF3 gear for multiple jobs.
    Also has a ton of Abyssea NM pop items, decent atmas, etc
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