US WTS: Taru 90WHM/RDM/SCH/NIN/RNG/CORMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Face 6A
    Server Transfer is available.
    Has a inactive security token attached to the account.

    Windurst Rank 10
    Bastok Rank 10
    San d'Oria Rank 10
    RoZ - The Celestial Nexus
    CoP - Done. (You can pick a new ring at any time.)
    ToA - Done. (You can pick a new ring at any time.)
    WoG - Fate In Haze
    Abyssea - Done. (Zone Bosses/Caturae/Shinryu defeated.)

    Pretty much every map, every conflux, every OP, every whatever.


    Other jobs are at 37 or less.

    AF, AF2, AF3 stored on Porter Moogle.

    Somewhat notable stuff:

    WHM Head/Body/Legs/Feet AF3+2 - Hands are +1 - 2/2 Accessories.
    RNG Head/Body/Legs/Feet AF3+2 - Hands are +1 - Neck accessory.
    NIN Head/Hands/Legs AF3+2 - Body/Feet are +1 - Back accessory.

    COR Head/Body/Hands/Legs/Feet AF3+1 - Back accessory.
    SCH Head/Hands/Legs/Feet AF3+1 - Ammo accessory.
    RDM Head/Legs/Feet AF3+1 - Back accessory.

    Some other AF3 accessories (DNC, PLD, etc.) that I have stored.

    AF2 stored on Porter Moogle:

    WAR head, body, legs, feet.
    RDM head, hands, legs, feet.
    RNG head, belt.
    WHM head, hands, legs.
    NIN body, hands.
    SCH body, legs.
    COR head, feet.

    Has RDM AF+1 head, WHM AF+1 body and Nashira Seraweels stored.

    Surya's Staff +2 (22% Cure Potency)
    Celestial Earring x2
    Sekka +2 x2 (INT+9, Magic Attack Bonus +10)
    Molva Maul
    Siege Bow
    Fluid Crossbow
    Serpentes Cuffs
    Serpentes Sabots
    Siegel Sash
    Augur's Jaseran
    Augur's Gloves
    Stearc Subligar (Refresh +1)
    Danzo Sune-ate
    Chrysopoeia Torque
    Twilight Belt
    Soil Belt
    Impulse Belt
    Rairin Obi
    Hecate's Earring
    Moldavite Earring
    Clearview Earring
    Brutal Earring
    Snow/Soil/Thunder/Light/Shadow Satchets
    RDM/PLD/BLU/SCH AF3 Earrings

    10x Bonanza Marbles

    Ardor Stone x3
    Wieldance Stone x2
    Wieldance Coin x5
    Balance Coin x1

    Mog Locker has 35 different kinds of seals stored away.

    Has some merits:

    WHM - 5/5 Cure Cast Time 5/5 Bar-spell Effect 5/5 Protectra V 5/5 Shellra V
    RDM - 5/5 Convert Recast Time 5/5 Ice Magic Accuracy 5/5 Paralyze II 5/5 Dia III
    RNG - 5/5 Unlimited Shot 5/5 Rapid Shot Rate 5/5 Recycle 5/5 Snapshot
    SCH - 5/5 Sublimation Effect
    COR - 5/5 Quick Draw Recast 5/5 Quick Draw Accuracy 5/5 Snake Eye 5/5 Winning Streak

    Tons of Atma. Probably has any Atma you'll ever need.

    Will come with at least 3M gil on hand also.

    Will entertain offers $250.00 or higher. WU only, sorry.
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