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    Good Evening my fellow gamers. I am seeking to sell my FFXI account. Here are the stats:

    WAR 99 MNK 99
    WHM 97 BLM 90
    RDM 99 THF 99
    PLD 99 DRK 80
    BST 99 BRD 99
    RNG 95 SAM 95
    NIN 99 DRG 60
    SMN 99 BLU 10
    COR 83 PUP 7
    SCH 72 DNC 99

    Smithing 8
    Clothcraft 0
    Alchemy 0
    Woodworking 31
    Goldsmithing 0
    Leathercrafting 0
    Bonecraft 0
    Cooking 3
    Fishing 89
    Synergy 74

    Sandoria: Rank 10 Bastok/Windy: 1
    Zilart The Celestial Nexus
    Promathia Dawn
    ToAU Eternal Mercenary
    Assault Corporal
    Altana Daughter of a Knight
    Campaign Allied Ribbon of Bravery
    C.Prophecy The Echo Awakens
    M.KupoD'etat Drenched! It Began with a Raindrop
    S.Ascension Sisters in Arms

    Kannagi(85) [Has 10 apademek horns]
    All H.Q. Elemental Staves
    Aliyat Chakram
    Arisui(99 - MAB)
    Raider's Boomerang
    Qirmiz Tathlum
    Lux Pugio
    Stage 3 Gun

    Artifact 3:
    Full Ninja +2
    RDM Head, Body, Feet +2
    RD Hands, Legs +1
    RDM Cape
    Ninja Neck/Back
    Caller's Horn +2
    Callers Feet, hands, body +1
    Tons of other +1 and +2, along with over 60+ seals for other jobs that need 3~ papers to +1 and tons of +2 items.

    Relic Artifact:
    All NQ Relic Af obtained, missing some accessories.

    Rajas Ring
    MACC TOAU Ring
    Brutal Earring
    Novio Earring
    Loq. Earring
    Rancor collar
    Atheling Mantle
    Twilight Belt
    Athos Boots
    Loki's Kaften
    Ocelohomeh Head
    Dark Ring (-5 PDT)
    Grim Cuisass
    Morrigan's Robe
    Usukane Somen
    Marduk body/hand/feet
    (Tons of Salvage items missing 1 piece)

    kirins Osode
    10 M Bronze pieces
    2 100 byne bills
    2,000,000 gil on hand
    Cure Clogs

    Asking Price is $600
    Email for more information
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.