US WTS FFXI account 4x99 Yoichinoyumi

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    I've got a taru male account with Ranger Samurai Thief and Ninja 99. All fully merited.

    I am the original owner.

    between 5-6 million gil on the account. Gear is another 15-25 mil. Ninurta's sash, mars's bellona's ring. Cuauhtli Headpiece +1, Hachiryu Haidate

    Yoichinoyumi level 95
    Kannagi 85

    all 4 jobs are fully geared and there are a lot of cards for other jobs gear if you level them as well.

    Has Exenterator Shoha and Apex arrow fully merited.

    No crafts leveled

    Ranger is the best geared job. However Ninja and Thief are greatly geared also. Samurai is well geared (missing +2 af3 legs and hands only)

    af2+2 ranger hands and feet as well as thief hands and feet (full th7) and has a thokcha (agi+11 evasion+22 dagger)

    Feel free to PM me any other questions and a price offer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.