US WTS: Emp Verethragna (90) Mithra, 13 Geared, Fully Merited lvl 99 jobs. Crafter. ( 1 2)

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    Mithra White Spikey Haired
    Level 99 Jobs WAR, WHM, RDM, PLD, BST, NIN, SMN, MNK, BLM, THF, BRD, SAM, DNC (BLM all Spells, WAR Full Red Procs, MNK Missing Retribution and Black Halo for Blue Procs, NIN just needs to skill up Koki for Red Procs.)
    Windy Rank 10
    Reg Codes: Yes
    OO Info + Booklet (Will Send): Yes (762 Days OO)
    Server Transfer is Available
    SE Q&A: Yes

    Zilart: Suppanomimi Obtained
    Promathia: Raja's Ring Obtained
    ToAU: Glory Crown and Ulthalam's Ring Obtained
    Assault: Sergeant
    Campaign: Bronze Ribbon
    C.Prophecy: Purchased
    A Moogle Kupo: Purchased
    A Shantotto Ascension: Purchased
    Abyssea: Visions/Scars/Heroes Purchased+ Shinryu Access
    Nyzul: Floor 70
    Dynamis: Dreamlands Access, Xarcabard Cleared
    Storage: All Mannequins Obtained, All Gobbie Bags Completed, Safe, Storage, Locker, Satchel and Sack all with full 80 capacity each. (480 total storage.)

    Notable Melee/Mage Rage/EX
    Verethragna Lv. 90 Victory Smite
    Twilight Knife
    Charmer's Merlin
    Full Iga +2 Set
    Full Goetia +2 Set
    Koga Tekko +2
    Ravager's Cuisses +2
    Ravager's Mask +2
    Ravager's Lorica +1
    Ravager's Mufflers +1
    Ravager's Calligae
    Tantra Crown+2
    Tantra Cyclas+2
    Tantra Hose +2
    Tantra Gloves +1
    Tantra Gaithers +2
    Melee Gloves +2
    Melee Gaithers +2
    Aia's Bonnet
    Loki's Kaftan
    Raider's Poulaines +2
    Trotter Boots
    Assassin's Armlets +2
    Ocelot Gloves
    Raider's Earring
    Raider's Boomerang
    Full Shinku Set- Red Synergy Sam/Mnk/Pup Spiked Armor
    Full Caller's +1 Set
    Full Aoidos' +1 Set
    Orison's Cap +2
    Orison's Pantaloon's +2
    Duelist's Chapeau
    Twilight Belt
    Twilight Cape
    Twilight Torque
    Twilight Helm
    Ravager's Orb
    Tantra Talthum
    Brutal Earring
    Uther's Grip
    Eisen Grip
    Hecate's Earring
    Moldevite Earring
    Loquacious Earring
    Epona's Ring
    Searing Cape
    Goetia Cape
    Faith Torque
    Augur's Jaseran
    Augur's Gloves
    Estoqueur's Cape
    Unkai Nodowa
    Tiresias' Cape
    Metallon Mantle
    Aoido's Matinee
    Wicca Subligar
    Teutates Subligar
    Ferine Necklace
    Atheling Mantle
    Agasaya's Collar
    Serpentes Sabots
    Serpentes Cuffs
    Heafoc Mitts
    Black Belt
    Genbu's Kabuto
    Shura Kabuto
    Shura Togi
    Seiryu's Kote
    Byakko's Haidate (aug Store TP+2, Crit. Hit Dmg +4%)
    Shura Haidate
    Suzaku Suna-Ate

    Herme's Sandals (1.2m)
    Grim Cuirass+1 (5m)
    Menhit Leggings (1.5m)
    Oneiros Sash (1.3m)
    Full HQ Stave Set
    Rancor Collar
    Icesoul Ring (300k)
    Magma Gauntlets (700k)
    Balestarius (3m)
    Jingang Greaves (1.3m)
    Tiercel Necklace
    Stoicheion Medal (900k)
    Wizzan Grip (670k)
    Thief's Knife
    Calmecac Trousers (1.8m)
    Tons of Petfoods, Enhancing Items, Foods, Minor Sellable Gear, Proc Weapons easily totaling 500k+
    Close to 20m in sellable gear.

    Emp. Upgrade Items
    Glavoid Shells x2
    Briareus Helms x3
    Carabosse's Gem x2
    Cirein Lantern x4
    Sedna's Tusk x4
    Alfard's Fang x2
    Iron Plate x6
    Vision Coin x3
    Vision Jewel x4
    Vision Card x1
    Ardor Stone x5
    Ardor Coin x5
    Ardor Card x7
    Wieldance Coin x4
    Wieldance Jewel x2
    Wieldance Card x4
    Balance Stone x11
    Balance Coin x2
    Balance Jewel x6
    Voyage Stone x12
    Voyage Coin x2
    Voyage Jewel x1
    AF3+1 Seals: Various
    AF+ Relic: Tons of competed sets used to run a Dynamis LS.
    Claim Slips 1-6 with tons of gear.
    Misc examples of dated gear. Empress Hairpin, Bounding Boots, Bandomusha Kote, Swift Belt, Denali Bonnet, Nashira Crackows, Yigit Crackows, Trollbane, Jelly Ring, Bomb Queen Ring, Dune Boots, Lava's +Kusha's Rings, Fenrir's Earring, Carby Mitts, N.Abj Hands, Body, Feet, M.Abj Hands and Head, Ungur Boomerang, only a fraction of the total gear on this character, the list goes on and on.

    Bonecraft lvl 100+2+3 (Protective Specs, Boneworker's Smock and Cuffs)
    Alchemy lvl 60
    Leathercraft lvl 60
    Fishing lvl 50
    Synergy lvl 56

    15 MP
    6 STR
    6 INT

    8 H2H
    8 Dagger
    8 Axe
    8 Katana

    8 Healing Magic
    8 Elemental Magic
    8 Enfeebling Magic

    5 Critical Hit Rate
    5 Spell Interruption Rate Down

    War 10/10 10/10
    Mnk 10/10 10/10
    Whm 10/10 10/10
    Rdm 10/10 10/10
    Nin 10/10 10/10
    Smn 10/10 10/10
    Sam 10/10 10/10
    Pld 10/10 10/10
    Bst 10/10 10/10
    Blm 10/10 10/10
    Thf 10/10 10/10
    Dnc 10/10 10/10
    Brd 10/10 10/10

    Cruor: 1m+ (Can be converted to 2.5m gil)
    Traverser Stones (300+)
    Discernment - Yes
    Cosmos - Yes
    Too many to type so I won't.
    Stout Arm
    Voracious Violet
    Cloak and Dagger
    Noxious Fang
    Siren Shadow
    Baleful Bones
    Clawed Butterfly
    Desert Worm
    Impregnable Tower
    Demonic Skewer
    Gnarled Horn
    Strangling Wind
    Deep Devourer
    Mounted Champion
    Razed Ruins
    Bludgeoning Brute
    Rapid Reptilian
    Winged Enigma
    Tusked Terror
    Minikin Monstrosity
    Blinding Horn
    Demonic Lash
    Merciless Matriarch
    Brother Wolf
    Earth Wyrm
    Ascending One
    Smiting Blow
    Lone Wolf
    Crimson Scale
    Scarlet Wing
    Raised Tail
    Sand Emperor
    War Lion
    Holy Mountain
    Crushing Cudgel
    Stone God
    Solitary One
    Sea Daughter
    Sundering Sash
    Entwined Serpents
    Aquatic Ardor
    Full Moon
    Beast King
    Dragon Rider
    Alpha & Omega
    Hybrid Beast
    Ducal Guard

    NM Key Items

    NM Pop Items

    Voidwatch Atmacites
    Devotion, Persistence, Eminence, Coercion

    Sorry the format isn't flashy, I looked at another sellers format and just used that template but not as flashy. This is still a character being played RIGHT NOW, I'm just ready to quit. I am standing in a FC right now so I figured I'd type this up now. I will post pictures tonight when I'm back in Mog House. If there are any questions feel free to message me in post or in PM. I purchased most of my gil from Neoex so you can contact him if you need a reference. I am not willing to strip the character at all. I'll keep bumping with new gear/updates until I get a buyer.

    Looking for a starting bid of $700 with a buyout of $900 again this character will keep it's equity in equipments until sold. MiddleMan preferred at Buyers expense. Happy Bidding Thanks!
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