US WTS Armageddon COR, 5x 90s! UNSTRIPPED! ( 1 2 3)

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    Account Details
    Race: Tarutaru F;

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    Transfer down, zero reputation on server
    Not linked to SE ID! Get your own token!
    1 Million gil on hand!
    96 Fishing, including Lu Shang's Fishing Rod!
    All atmas / maws

    Warrior 30 Monk 10
    White Mage 90 Black Mage 90
    Red Mage 90 Thief 25
    Paladin 38 Dark Knight 37
    Beastmaster 40 Bard 90
    Ranger 50 Samurai 10
    Ninja 37 Summoner 60
    Scholar 46 Corsair 90


    5/5 HQ Staves
    Teiwaz +15% Cure potency
    Twilight Knife
    Armageddon Lv. 85

    Orison cap +2
    Goetia Petasos +2
    Estoqueur's chappel +1
    Navarch's tricorne +1
    Morrigan's Coronet

    Marduk's Jubbah
    Nashira Manteel
    Morrigan's robe
    Goetia Coat +1
    Navarch's frac +2
    Loki's Kaftan

    Orison mitts +1
    Nashira Gages
    Marduk's Dastanas
    Blessed Mitts
    Navarch's gants +2
    Goetia Gloves +1
    Augur's Gloves
    Crimson Finger Gauntlets

    Morrigan's Slops
    Navarch's Culottes +1
    Blood Cuisses
    Blessed Trousers +1
    Nashira Seraweels

    Goetia sabots +1
    Marduk's Crackows
    Navarch's Bottes +1
    Morrigan's Pigaches
    Nashia Crackows
    Rostrum Pumps

    Navarch's Collar
    Uggalepih Pendant
    Feud Pendant

    Swift Belt
    5/5 Obi
    Aristo Belt
    Twilight Belt
    Austerity Belt
    Cognition Belt

    Twilight Cape
    Estoqueuer's Cape
    Jester's Cape +1
    Merciful Cape
    Forban Cape
    Orison Cape
    Goetia Mantle
    Navarch's Mantle

    Hecate's Earring
    Moldavite Earring
    Volley Earring
    Navarch's Earring
    Orison Earring

    Tamas Ring
    Arewe Ring +1 x2 (500k each)
    Aquasoul Ring

    Goetia Seal: Legs x4
    Bale Seal: Legs x1
    Orison Seal: Legs x1
    Estq. Seal: Legs x3
    Aoidos Seal: Legs x2
    Aoidos Seal: Hands x7
    Orison Seal: Body x9
    Aoidos Seal: Body x1
    Charis Seal: Hands x5
    Estq Seal: Feet x4
    Sylvan Seal: Feet x5
    Charis Seal: Body x2

    Buyout: $500 USD, w/u only unless high iTrader.
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