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    Hi have 3 accounts I'm trying to sell atm~ Here are the details:

    1st Account
    Sandy Rank: 5
    Race: Mithra Face 6-A(White spiky hair)
    Jobs: WHM 90 RDM 90 BLM 90 COR 90 49 NIN
    Crafts: Bonecraft 54
    Server Transfer Ready

    account has 2.3 gil on hand + Various sellables~ Will post pics asap of all gear(Has 2 WHM afs3 +1s Hat/legs, BLM af3 +1 Hat, RDM af3 +1 hands/hat/feet, COR Af3 +1 Hat/feet)
    all 3 abyssea expansion 150+ stones and shinryu access(3 lunar abyssites and tons of atmas)

    2nd Account:
    Sandy Rank: 10 Windy Rank 10
    Race: Male Elvaan 6-A (Blonde spiky Zell Hair)
    Jobs: 90 RDM 77 MNK 49 WHM 37 BLM 43 NIN
    Crafts: 100 Ebisu Fishing 88 Woodworking(perfect shihei gil maker account)
    Server Transfer Ready

    account is a blackbelt mnk with shura body/legs not much in af3 but has 100+ stones and all 3 abyssea expansion~has 1 lunar abyssite with MM and allure atmas.

    3rd Account:
    Bastok Rank: 10 Face 8-B( Blonde Pigtails)
    Race: Mithra Face 8-B( Blonde Pigtails)
    Jobs: 80 WAR 75 DRG 78 DRK 75 NIN(only limit breaker up to lv80 done)
    Crafts: 50 Cooking
    Server Transfer Ready

    account has decent melee gear pre abyssea such as askar and homam(will post screenies for those interested) has first abyssea expansion with 200+ stones. Good noobie melee account.

    I will get screenshots up asap. If interested in any of these accounts shoot me offers please~ First 2 accounts are on a security token and will be deactivated once sold. I can take WU or paypal. If buyer wants to use MM they will pay for it. Thanks for your interest ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.