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    first account here is the link to the original posting from the OO. There are gears added since i first bought it. also level 90 are blm, rdm, whm, nin, thf, dnc, blu, smn, sch. Mnk is 78
    Wts: Taru m kannagi (85) 90 nin/whm/blm/rdm/blu 84 thf 75 smn/brd

    this is the other 2 accounts that are link to the same SE ID so have to sell together. Again gears have been added to the accounts since first bought.

    WTS 2 account (Linked) 6LV 90(MNK) + 3LV 90(WHM)!!

    THese 2 accounts must be sold together as they are linked
    to one SE ID. They compliment one another and make a perfect dual boxteam for Abyssea and anything else you want to get done in FFXI!! I am
    the original owner of BOTH accounts and they were BOTH created the same day. For the exact purpose of dual boxing and being self-suffecient. Both accounts server is down until July. Both accounts
    have CD keys ready for their new owner and any other information needed (SE security question/answer). BOTH accounts have the mog satchel and security token DEACTIVATED

    Account 1 (main):
    Elvaan Male
    Sky Access
    Sea Access (CoP complete)
    Aht Urghan
    Nyzul 100
    WoTG:Cait Sith (Walk of echoes) access
    All add ons registered
    All abyssea zones registered
    Shinryu Access
    Dynamis Xarcabard access
    225,229 conquest points
    376,122 cruor (1.75 brew)
    81,111 gil on hand
    Main jobs: 90 WAR,MNK,DRK,NIN,RDM,PLD
    all jobs geared and ready to play immediately

    Account 2 (support):
    Elvaan Male
    Sky access
    Sea Access (CoP complete)
    Aht Urghan
    Nyzul 20
    WOTG: Cait Sith (Walk of echoes) access
    All add ons registered
    All abyssea zones registered
    Shinryu access
    Dynamis 3/4 starting nation wins
    49,867conquest points
    1,027,873 cruor (5 brews)
    325,678 gil on hand
    Main jobs: 90 WHM RDM BRD
    all jobs geared and ready to play immediately

    Account 1 Armor
    Iga Zukin +1
    Agasaya's Collar
    Brutal earring
    Byakko's haidate
    Loki's kaftan
    Kirin's osode
    Velox harness
    Walahra turban
    Varangian helm
    Bomb queen ring
    Meridian ring
    heed ring
    rajas ring
    spiral ring
    cassie earring
    dark ring (dmg taken -3%)
    dark ring (psy dmg-4% magic dmg-3%)
    Loquacious earring
    bloodgem earring
    boxer's mantle
    gigant mantle
    cavaros mantle
    warwolf belt
    twilight belt
    iga erimaki
    twilight torque
    koga tekko
    thicket gages
    dusk gloves
    haubergeon +1
    Seigneur shield
    noesis helm
    pole grip
    bomb core
    ace's helm
    hecatomb cap
    hecatomb harness
    hecatomb mittens
    homam cosiales
    askar gambieras
    gallant leggings +1
    dusk ledelsens
    ritter gorget
    creed baudrier
    parade gorget
    shield torque
    swift belt
    snow ring
    kemas earring
    hero's galea
    serpentes cuffs
    serpentes sabots
    inmicus cuisses
    ravager cuisses +1
    tantra hose +2
    zenith mitts
    tantra gaiters +1
    zenith pumps
    elemental torque
    bullwhip belt
    black belt
    twilight belt
    cognition belt
    spider torque
    forest sash
    penitent's rope
    twilight cape
    estoqueur's cape
    cheviot cape
    moldavite earring
    jelly ring
    adler ring
    hercules' ring
    valor surcoat
    melee crown
    estoquer's chappel +1
    creed armet +1
    estoqueur's gantherots +1
    ravager's calligae +1
    Martial abj. body
    suzaku's sune-ate
    tantra tathlum
    tantra crown +2
    tantra gloves +1
    ravager's orb
    Ungur boomerang
    versa hauberk
    atheling mantle
    Some notable equipment excluded items like perle armor/teal/misc. AF1/2

    Notable Weapons
    Warlord's axe
    Aquilo's staff
    Artio's axe
    Shamshir (80) (Psy. dmg -8%*)
    Vermeil Bhuj
    Balin's sword

    Notable Atma used
    Atma of Razed ruins
    Atma of Apocalypse
    Atma of the Sanguine
    Atma of the Gnarled horn
    Atma of the Minkin Monstrosity
    Atma of the Beyond
    Atma of Stormbird
    Ata of cloak and dagger
    Atma of the Voracious violet
    Ata of the Ebon hoof
    Atma of the stronghold
    Atma of the impregnable tower
    Atma of the mounted champion
    Atma of the merciless matriarch
    Atma of Allure
    All the main DD atma's as well
    as the RDM Ice nuking Atma set up can hit up to
    4k Blizzard IV's as rdm in Abyssea!
    6/6 abyssites of merit easily can get up to 5k+ hp in Abyssea on mnk
    dded Iga Hakama +2, Iga Kyahan +1, Bale Flanchard +1, and more misc items and gil!

    Account 2 Armor
    orison cap +1
    orison pantaloons +1
    tamas ring
    serket ring
    hierarch belt
    orison earring
    incantor stone
    bloodgem earring
    twilight torque
    twilight cape
    twilight belt
    Light staff

    Account 2 Atma notable/used
    Atma of the Razed ruins
    Atma of the Minkin monstrosity
    Atma of the Beyond
    Atma of the mounted champion
    Atma of the heavens
    Atma of the stormbird
    Atma of Allure
    Atma of the merciless matriarch
    (Allure/Minikin/Storm bird) 3 best Whm atma 15mp/tick +30%mp +50mnd

    all 3 accounts transfer are down until early september.

    first account start bid at 500 and buyout at 600

    the duo account start bid at 400 and buyout 500

    if buy together start bid at 800 buyout at 950. thank you for looking. PM if you have any question
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