US WTS 12 90's Server transfer ready.

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    Loc Leviathan Server Transfer Ready. Best offer selling within the week PLEASE POST BIDS OPENLY TO PUBLIC TY. IF you have detailed questions pm me and i am more then happy to explain ne thing or talk over the phone. PAYPAL ONLY and if you want middleman you pay for the service.

    Starting With a $600 BUY IT NOW or best offer.

    OO and I have the FFXI registration code. I don't have the playonline registration code and SE will not disclose it to me due to security reasons. (AKA BS cause i can verify ne thing else)

    Screenshots will show all gear on acct crafts and job levels.

    Cop Zilart done. shinryu done. rank 7 sandy.

    HUME MALE original server Hades. Currently on Leviathen

    Craft skills is included in photo

    HP 9 MP 3
    Attributes: Str 8/8
    Combat: Sword 4/8 GA 8/8 GK 4/8 Evasion 4/4 Shield 4/4
    Magic: Enhancing 8/8 Enfeebling 8/8
    Other: Enmity + 5/5 Critical Hit 5/5
    War 10/10 10/10 - mnk 10/10 9/10 - whm 10/10 10/10 - Blm 10/10 10/10 - Rdm 10/10 10/10 - Thf 10/10 8/10 - Pld 10/10 10/10 - Drk 10/10 10/10 - Brd 10/10 8/10 - Rng 10/10 10/10 - sam 10/10 10/10 - nin 0/0 0/0
    + additional 20 merits ready to be used

    Atma of Stout Arm, voracious violet, stormbird, noxious fang, storm breath, thrashing tendrils, Drifter, stronghold, harvester, dunes, adamantine, calamity, desert worm, impregnable tower, gnarled horn, strangling wind, deep devourer, mounted champion, razed ruins, Sanguine, Tusked Terror, minikin monstrosity, would be king, blinding horn, merciless matriarch, ascending one, smiting blow, scarlet wing, plague bringer, despot, solitary one, sea daughter, sundering slash, entwined serpents, apocalypse

    Plus i have all important Abyssite's

    394 stones as of this post.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.