US WTS 11x90 2x 100 crafts,Galka Apoc

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    Race: Galka (Face 4, Hair A)
    Nation: Bastok ? Rank 10
    Transfer: available
    Available Gil: 6M
    -Has access to Sea, Sky, Dynamis, Salvage, Einherjar, Abyssea
    -Captain rank in Assaults and finished all floors
    -Has all expansions EXCEPT Heroes of Abyssea
    -Has a lvl67 fellow NPC (Healing class). Accessible through Signal and Tactics Pearls.
    -All orig. owner info and Reg. codes available!
    -All inventory slots have a cap of 80
    -Tons of ampoules, Kindred and Beastmen seals, cruor
    -All the important outposts to get around quickly unlocked
    -All the 75+ jobs are fully merited with the exception of WAR and NIN, with those two jobs having some merits
    -has some atmas just don't recall which, extra stone one collected
    -might have 9/9 feathers for Odin pop, believe so at least


    Dark Knight 90
    Red Mage 90
    Black Mage 90
    White Mage 90
    Warrior 90
    Paladin 90
    Thief 90
    Ninja 90
    Summoner 95
    Monk 85
    Bard 85

    Crafts: 100 fishing
    Mule: 100 Bone, w/ all subs at level 60


    Duelist's Chapeau
    Warlock's Chapeau +1
    Sorcerer's Petasos
    Wizard's Petasos +1
    Morrigan's Coronal
    Marduk's Tiara
    Usukane Somen
    Goliard Chapeau
    Ace's Helm
    Varangian Helm
    Zenith Crown


    Armada Hauberk
    Dalmatica +1
    Ares's Cuirass
    Morrigan's Robe
    Marduk's Jubbah
    Duelist's Tabard
    Sorcerer's Coat
    Warlock's Tabard +1
    Goliard Saio
    Darksteel Harness +1
    Arhat's Gi +1
    Ninja Chainmail +1
    Koga Chainmail
    Homam Corazza
    Rapparee Harness
    Assault Breastplate
    Twilight Mail
    Bale Cuirass +2
    Ares's Cuirass
    Creed Cuirass +1
    Tristan's Breastplate
    Valor Surcoat
    Commodore Frac
    Rapparee Harness
    Nocturnus Mail
    Duelist's Tabard


    Morrigan's Cuffs
    Marduk's Dastanas
    Assassin's Armlets
    Koga Tekko
    Ninja Tekko +1
    Bale Gauntlets +2
    Iga Tekko +2
    Serpentes Cuffs
    Augur's Gloves
    Saotome Kote
    Sorcerer's Gloves
    Duelist's Gloves
    Raider's Armlets +1
    Assassin's Armlets
    Zenith Mitts
    Hecatomb Gloves +1
    Homam Manopolas


    Morrigan's Slops
    Marduk's Shalwar 2/3 (missing 100% drop 15 piece)
    Skadi's Chausses
    Ares's Flanchard
    Homam Cosciales
    Onyx Cuisses
    Darksteel Subligar +1
    Blood Cuisses
    Sorcerer's Tonban
    Koga Hakama
    Yigit Seraweels
    Nashira Seraweels
    Bale Flanchard +2
    Homam Cosciales
    Blood Cuisses
    Creed Cuisses +1
    Raider's Culottes +2


    Morrigan's Pigaches
    Rostrum Pumps
    Homam Gambieras
    Skadi's Jambeaux
    Assasin's Poulaines
    Denali Gamashes
    Goliard Clogs
    Marduk's Crackows
    Zenith Pumps


    Shadow Ring
    Bloodbead Ring
    Bomb Queen Ring
    Strigoi Ring
    Karka Ring
    Rajas Ring
    Ulthalam's Ring
    Omega Ring
    Sorcerer's Ring
    Medicine Ring
    Novia Earring
    Loquacious Earring
    Magnetic Earring
    Abyssal Earring
    Moldavite Earring
    Roundel Earring
    Brutal Earring
    Pixie Earring
    Intruder's Earring
    Cassie Earring
    Cerberus Mantle +1
    Boxer's Mantle
    Gleeman's Cape
    Aslan Cape
    Nexus Cape
    Abyss Cape
    Witch Sash
    Black Belt (3/3, just need level 70)
    Buccaneer's Belt
    Fierce Belt
    Prudence Torque
    Hope Torque
    Justice Torque
    Love Torque
    Fortitude Torque
    Morgana's Choker
    Peackock's Charm
    Ritter Gorget
    Soil Gorget

    Weapons/Sub items:

    Apocalypse (90)
    Perdu Blade
    Perdu Voulge
    Mercurial Kris
    HQ Staffs
    Legion Scutum
    Genbu's Shield
    Muse Tariqah
    Rose Strap
    Shark Strap

    Tons more rare items, several finished sets or close to finished
    Nice account great apoc to work on! PM me for details/SS
    Buyout price: $900 I can accept WU or Money Gram MM at buyers expense!
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