US Spharai 95, Almace 85, Verethragna 85, Ochain 90 Elvaan Male 12x95+ jobs Pro account

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    Account Details~
    Elvaan Face - 6 Hair - A
    Transfer is available
    Comes with 500k gil
    Linked to Square enix ID token detached.
    Original owner information available
    CD keys available

    RotZ - Awakening
    CoP - Dawn
    ToAU - Eternal Mercenary
    Assault - Captain
    Altana - Cait Sith
    C.Prophecy - Complete
    M.KupoD'etat - Complete
    S.Ascension - Complete

    WAR 95 MNK 99
    WHM 95 BLM 95
    RDM 95 THF 6
    PLD 99 DRK 95
    BST 99 BRD 26
    RNG 0 SAM 82
    NIN 95 DRG 99
    SMN 13 BLU 95
    COR 0 PUP 96
    DNC 56 SCH 0


    Spharai lv.95
    Almace lv.85
    Verethragna lv.85
    Ochain lv.90
    Shamshir +2 (Vit + 9 Phys. dmg. taken -10%)
    Octave Club
    twilight Knife
    Charmer's Merlin
    Kinship Axe

    Rubeus Bandeau
    Ganesha's mask
    Chimera Hairpin
    Tantra Crown +2
    Lancers mezail +2
    Hero's Galea
    Noesis Helm
    Zenith Crown
    Blood Mask
    Twilight Helm
    Genbu's Kabuto
    Melee Crown
    Hecatomb Cap

    Heka's Kalasiris
    Twilight Mail
    Monster Jackcoat
    Melee Cyclas +2
    Tantra Cyclas +2
    Rasetsu Samue +1
    Kirin's Osode
    Creed Cuirass +2
    Lancers Plackart +2
    Loki's Kaftan
    Homam Corazza
    Koenig Cuirass

    Melee Gloves +2
    Tantra Gloves +2
    Rasetsu Tekko +1
    Alkyoneus's Braclets.
    Creed Gauntlets +2
    Lancers Vambraces +2
    Serpentes Cuffs
    Homam Manopolas

    Creed Cuisses +2
    Lancers Cuissots +2
    Hecatomb Subligar
    Melee Hose +2
    Tantra Hose +2
    Affronter Cuisses
    Byakko's Haidate
    Shura Haidate +1
    Zenith Slacks

    Creed Sabatons +2
    Lancers Schynbalds +2
    Serpentes Sabots
    Homam Gambieras
    Tantra Gaiters +2
    Lithe Boots
    Rasetsu sune-ate +1
    Suzaku's Sune-ate

    Twilight Torque
    Wiglen Gorget
    Rancor Collar
    Invidia Torque
    Artemis' Medal
    Backlash Torque
    Fortitude Torque
    Faith Torque
    Creed Collar
    Lancer's Torque
    Jeweled Collar (MND+2 Fast cast +3 MP recovered while healing +2)

    Velocious Belt
    Rairin Obi
    Hyorin Obi
    Twilight Belt
    Phasmida Belt
    Glassblower's Belt
    Light Belt
    Cognition Belt
    Anguinus Belt
    Black Belt
    Creed Baudrier
    Tarutaru Sash (TH + 1)

    Melee Cape
    Searing Cape
    Ultion Mantle
    Atheling Mantle
    Valor Cape
    Boxer's Mantle
    Salvus Mantle

    Kemas Earring
    Brutal Earring
    Aesir Ear Pendant
    Pixie Earring
    Hades Earring +1
    Avenvger's Earring x2
    Ethereal Earring
    Strophadic Earring
    Hecate's Earring
    Moldavite Earring

    Epona's Ring
    Paguroidea Ring
    Spiral Ring
    Odium Ring
    Corneus Ring
    Defending Ring
    Rajas Ring
    Diamond Ring (int+3 mnd+3)
    Strendu Ring

    So much more on this account also has 100+2 Alchemy 80 Synergy and 60 clothcraft on the main tons of merits and tons of other equipment and misc. items

    Bids start @ $800
    Buyout @ $1500
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