Selling [Us] Diablo 3 Par2228 4600 Bounty Materials Primal Barb And Other Class

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    US Diablo 3 ros account 2228 paragon

    check what inside, 2 min movie on youtube and some screens

    all 4 sets for barb with end game stats ( primals and acients)
    Acient DH
    WD and WIzz build and other chars on lvl 70

    200 + caldesans lvl 80-92 ( for empowering items) that 2 screens + all others on movie

    4600+ each Legendary materials from Bounty caches ( you can make many acient/primal builds you choose)

    Materials for craft 700 hellfire amulets
    150 each machines for ubers
    82 k forgotten souls
    200-400k yellow/blue white materials
    121 k DB
    90 bounty caches Torment 13

    Accepted Paypay, skrill, bank 315 $

    If you want some more on this acc, we can negotiable make new builds, make set dangeon, upgrade gems up to 130+
    If you ordet that aditional option before season 13 is start, i can make good offer:)
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