US Bravura Relic 6x90 account all the great gear, fully loaded!

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    Account Details~
    OO info Available ID available
    Server Transferable
    Hume male Face 4 - Hair A
    CD keys available
    Linked to SE ID

    RotZ - The Last Verse
    CoP - The Last Verse
    ToAU - Eternal Mercenary
    Assault - First Lieutenant
    Altana - In the Name of the Father
    Campaign - Wings of Honor
    C.Prophecy - Complete
    M.KupoD'etat - Complete
    S.Ascension - Complete

    WAR 90 MNK 13
    WHM 90 BLM 17
    RDM 25 THF 42
    PLD 0 DRK 90
    BST 90 BRD 89
    RNG 90 SAM 49
    NIN 90 DRG 8
    SMN 2 BLU 27
    COR 1 PUP 67
    SCH 0 DNC 30

    Bravura lv. 85
    Seiryu's Rword
    Carabinier's Axe
    Fortitude Axe
    Fire Staff
    Republic Signet Staff
    Siege Bow
    Crumhorn +1
    Harp +1
    Cornette +1
    Dancing Dagger
    Pilgrim's Wand
    Temperance Axe
    Hannibal's Sword
    Zoraal Ja's Axe
    Republic Sword
    Bahamut Zaghnal
    Iron Ram Lance
    Molva Maul
    Daedalus Hammer
    Ram Staff
    Iron Ram Horn
    Guichard's Axe +2
    Glyph Axe

    Sylvan Gapete +2
    Glory Crown
    Scout's Beret
    Anu's Tiara
    Genbu's Kabuto
    Ace's Helm
    Homam Zucchetto
    Enlil's Tiara
    Ea's Tiara
    Ferine Cabasset
    Shaded Spectacles
    Ares's Mask
    Bale Burgeonet +1
    Chaos Burgeonet +1
    Nocturnus Helm
    Breast Helm +1
    Precision Bandana
    Iga Zukin +1
    Aias Bonnet
    Bard's Roundlet
    Optical Hat
    Ravenger's Mask +2
    Orison Cap +2
    Varangian Helm
    Champion's Galea
    Walahra Turban
    Hecatomb Cap

    Minstrel's Coat
    Mercenary Captain's Doublet
    Scout's Jerkin
    Cobra Unit Harness
    Gloom Breastplate
    Trader's Saio
    Mirke Wardecors
    Shadow Coat
    Ravager's Lorica +1
    Facio Bliaut
    Timarli Jawshan
    Ares's Cuirass
    Adaman Hauberk
    Aurum Cuirass

    Wave Gages
    Seiryu's Kote
    Beast Gloves
    Ravager's Mufflers
    Scout's Bracers
    Pantin Dastanas
    Homam Manopolas
    Bale Gauntlets +1
    Ogre Gloves
    Trainer's Gloves
    Battle Gloves
    Choral Cuffs +1
    Ocelot Gloves
    Ares's Gauntlets
    Hecatomb Mittens

    Sylvan Bragues +2
    Teutates Subligar
    Desultor Tassets
    Enlil's Brayettes
    Beast Trousers
    Magic Cuisses
    Bale Flanchard +2
    Homam Cosciales
    Bastokan Subligar
    Iga Hakama +1
    Choral Cannions +1
    Aurum Cuisses
    Ravager's Cuisses +2
    Ferine Quijotes +1
    Orison Pantaloons
    Byakko's Haidate
    Ares's Flanchard

    Praeda Sabatons
    Bale Sollerets
    Aurum Sabatons
    Aoidos' Cothurnes
    Scout's Socks
    Sylvan Bottillons
    Dream Boots +1
    Njord's Ledelsens
    Homam Gambieras
    Ace's Sabatons
    Chaos Sollerets +1
    Bounding Boots
    Iga Kyahan +1
    Goliard Clogs
    Ravager's Calligae +1
    Ferine Ocreae +1
    Teal Pigaches
    Hecatomb Leggings
    Rutter Sabatons

    Hope Torque
    Parade Gorget
    Chivalrous Chain
    Spike Necklace
    Chocobo Whistle
    Bale Choker
    Fortitude Torque
    Justice Torque
    Temperance Torque
    Alloy Torque
    Ferine Necklace
    Agasay's Collar
    Ravager's Gorget
    Orochi Nodowa
    Flame Gorget
    Breeze Gorget
    Soil Gorget
    Kubira Beads
    Morgana's Choker

    Crudelis Belt
    Buccaneer's Belt
    Combat Caster's Quiver
    Swift Belt
    Aristo Belt
    Potent Belt
    Twilight Belt
    Soil Belt
    Thunder Belt
    Light Belt
    Warwolf Belt
    Warrior's Stone
    Penitent's Rope
    Velocious Belt

    Sylvan Chlamys
    Libeccio Mantle
    Nexus Cape
    Exactitude Mantle
    Aesir Mantle
    Royal Army Mantle
    Iga Dochugappa
    Lieutenant's Cape
    Jester's Cape +1
    Atheling Mantle
    Ferine Mantle
    Aslan Cape

    Volley Earring
    Altdorf's Earring
    Wilhelm's Earring
    Harvest Earring
    Hecate's Earring
    Colossus's Earring
    Nashmau Earring
    Melody Earring
    Affinity Earring
    Delta Earring
    Musical Earring
    Loquacious Earring
    Brutal Earring
    Aesir Ear Pendant
    Hollow Earring
    Geist Earring

    Woodsman Ring
    Emperor Band
    Tavnazian Ring
    Jugner Ring
    Meriphataud Ring
    Balance Ring
    Ulthalam's Ring
    Patronus Ring
    Jelly Ring
    Insect ring
    Solemn Ring
    Sirona's Ring
    Iota Ring
    Omega Ring
    Angel's Ring
    Spiral Ring

    Great relic account ready go

    Bids start @ $900
    Buyout set @ $1400
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