US acct 5 80's PvP 9 Necro PvP 6 Sin PvP 5 Ranger + Alts

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    pvp LvL 9 Necromancer (one of the best in the game) awesome K/D Ratio: 4.94 PvP Kills:40,905 ~ PvP Deaths: 4,482 (one of the best in the game), 80 Assassin PvP 6, Profession: Architect, PvP Kills: 8,681 PvP Deaths: 3,052 K/D Ratio: 3.0 80 Ranger PvP 5, has swift mount has epic bow and xbow so you can take your pick as to what you prefer, Professions: Alchemist, Gemcutter 80 Bear Shaman PvP 2 80 Guardian new 80 on Wiccana (PvE) 57 Barbarian tweaked (geared out) for the 59 mini game bracket. 29 Demonologist on Wiccana (PvE) Most of the Toons are on a pvp sever ~ over 30 gold on the acct, 300+ Vet tokens on toons, 43 off line leveling points, also have detail guides for how to use the Necromancer, Assassin & Bear Shaman if you would like some revealing secrets of different builds and recommends the most effective solution for PVP or raiding then the guides will come free with the acct, If you have any questions, want more info, please feel free to send me a message.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.