US 4x90 1x89, crafts and decent gear ( 1 2)

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    Hi there, selling my account that I've had for about five years now. I'm tired of the game and all the crap updates they keep doing. I feel pics are far better in describing my account rather then writing it all out. Note: not all my gear is here, there is some of the AF 1/2/3 in storage with both the moogle and the old armor storage system. I will however note the ToM weapons I currently have: Agi +9/20eva dagger, thunder dmg +1 staff (the trial before it becomes better than jupiter), dex +2 dagger (about half way done for dex+9/acc 20 dagger). Also there is a mule account named Masterofcat, I wont post SS's of the mule though (it only has low level gear and stuff my main can't hold), however if requested I can provide SS's to prove the mule exsists. There is also one free content ID available for another mule.

    Tons of KI's anywhere from vnm/znm/abyssea etc.

    266 traverser stones

    442 merits +4

    Lion, Stout arm, Twin claw, Allure, Eternity, Heavens, Baying moon, Ebon hoof, Voracious violet, Stormbird, Noxious Fang, Beyond, Gales, Stronghold, harverster, Dunes, Cosmos, Siren Shadow, Impaler, Adamantine, Calamity, Claw, Baleful Bones, Clawed Butterfly, Desert worm, Undying, Impregnable tower, Smoldering sky, Demonic skewer, Golden Claw, Glutinous ooze, Lightning beast, Noxious Bloom, Gnarled Horn, Deep devourer, Mounted champion, Razed ruins, Sanguine, tusked terror, Minkin Monstrosity, Would-be king, Blinding horn, demonic lash, Shimmering shell, Murky Miasma, Brother wolf, Ascending one, Scorpion queen, Thousand Needles, Burning effigy, Smiting Blow, Lone wolf, Scarlet wing, Raised tail, Sand emperor, Omnipotent, War lion, frozen fetters, Plaguebringer, Shrieking one, Holy mountain, Lake lurker, Crushing cudgel, purgatory, Bligted breath, Presistant Predator, Stone god, Despot, Solitary one, Winged Gloom, Sea daugter, Hateful stream, Foe flayer, Sundering slash, Entwined serpents, Horned beast, Aquatic ardor, Fallen one, Fires and flares, Ambition, Apocalypse, Beast king, Kirin, Dragon rider, Impenetrable, Alpha Omega, Ultimate, Nightmares, Einherjar.

    Sojourn: scarlet, jade, indigo
    Celerity: Azure, crimson ivory
    Avarice: viridian, ivory
    confluence: crimson
    expertise: jade
    Fortune: ivory, emerald
    Kismet: ivory, vermillion
    Prosperity: ivory
    Destiny: viridian crimson, ivory
    Acumen: ivory, crimson
    Lenity: scarlet, azure
    Perspicacity: scarlet, ivory, vermillion
    Reaper: ivory, indigo
    guerdon: ivory vermillion
    Furtherance: ivory
    Merit: viridian, jade, ivory, indigo
    Lunar abyssite x3
    abyssite of Discernment & cosmos.

    I'm OO with all pol/ffxi/expansion codes. Satchel active, token deactivated. MIDDLEMAN IS A MUST at buyers expense; however, I'll cut 20$ off the final price of the account.

    ToAU: mission 22 (salvage acsess) Private first class and about to rank up
    WoTG: mission 5
    RoZ/CoP: compleate (ethereal earring/suppanomimi)
    All add-ons complete and bought except for A Moogle Kupo d'ate (movment speed 8%/physical dmg -4% mage pants, Quick draw delay -4/ Magic attack bonus +4 mirke)

    Working on a twashter 1/50 shells 2/50 scales 0/75 claws, ToM minisucle nm's done.
    2 possibilites on relics, necropsyche and attestion would require fragment from gun nm, or fragment & necro requires dagger attestation.

    Edit: Fishing is now 82 (will provide SS's to serious buyers)
    Bidding starts at $400 and buyout is $1200
    Paypal only!
    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to PM.
Thread Status:
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