Selling  High End  2015 *URGENT* SELLING ROBLOX ACCOUNT OVER 150$ WORTH FOR 55$!!!!! #!!!

Discussion in 'Roblox Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Ledjon, 11/8/19.

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    This is my roblox account that i owned for around 3 years , and lately i've been busy working and studying and stuff like that , i haven't been able to play to much lately so i decided to sell this account for some quick cash because i really need some fast money right now...
    So this account has over 14,500 ROBUX spend on items ,clother and stuff , and 622 robux in balance . All the items are worth around 155$ of inventory stuff such as : clothes , gears , pants, shirts , and 1 Limited U item . it also has 3 groups with admin command and can get daily robux by selling clothes.
    So i am selling this account for cheap as i said for quick money , and i can GUARANTEE that this is 100% safe and we will do this in the right way.
    If you want to buy this account u can first take a look at the profile so i can prove to you that this account is legit.
    Once u made the payment u will recieve a email from me with all the info of the account password and other data u will need to get into your new account...
    i only accept PayPal payment .
    Here is the roblox profile account if u want to check it out! ----> Profile - Roblox
Thread Status:
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