Sold Updated Top Tier Duel Links Account: Noble Knights + Blue-Eyes + Invoked Neos + Blackwings And More

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    I've been playing this game for nearly a year now, gave it too much time. Sadly, I am quitting due to my new job. I hope you gonna have a great time and enjoy dueling as much as I did.
    If you are not happy with the price contact me to bargain.

    Concerning the staples:

    3x Cosmic Cyclone
    3x Floodgate Trap Hole
    3x Fiendish Chain
    3x Paleozoic Canadia
    3x Forbidden Lance
    3x Galaxy Cyclone
    3x Ballista Squad
    3x Drowning Mirror Force
    3x Sphere Kuriboh
    3x Karma Cut
    3x Void Trap Hole
    3x Network Trap Hole
    3x Magic Jammer
    3x Artifact Lancea
    3x Offerings of The Doomed
    3x Double Cyclone
    3x Typhoon
    2x Bad Aim
    2x Necrovally
    2x Treacherous Trap Hole
    2x Wall of Disruption
    2x Forbidden Chalice
    2x Forbidden Scripture
    2x Wiretap
    2x Concentrating Current
    1x Needle Ceiling
    1x Chain Disappearance
    1x Mirror wall
    1x DD Crow
    1x Forbidden Dress
    1x Dust Tornado
    1x Herald of The Abyss
    1x Night Beam
    1x Paleozoic Hallucigenia

    Concerning Stages:

    DM (60)

    DSOD (30)

    GX (30)

    5D's (30)

    ZEXAL (30)

    Concerning Characters:

    Yami Yugi (45)
    Seto Kaiba (45)
    Joey Wheeler (34)
    Mai Valentine (39)
    Tea Gardner (34)
    Yugi Muto (44)
    Weevil Underwood (34)
    Rex Raptor (34)
    Mako Tsunami (34)
    Yami Marik (45)
    Yami Bakura (34)
    Bandit Keith (34)
    Ishizu Ishtar (39)
    Odion (39)
    Maximillion Pegasus (39)
    Mokuba Kaiba (34)
    Paradox Brothers (34)
    Arkana (34)
    Bonz (34)
    Espa Roba (34)
    Tristan Taylor (34)
    Lumis and Umbra (34)

    Seto Kaiba (34)
    Mokuba Kaiba (34)
    Yugi Muto (34)
    Joey Wheeler (34)
    Tea Gardner (34)
    Aigami (34)
    Sera (34)
    Scud (34)

    Jaden Yuki (39)
    Zane Truesdale (45)
    Aster Phoenix (39)
    Jesse Anderson (34)
    Chazz Princeton (34)
    Alexis Rhodes (34)
    Dr. Vellian Crowler (34)
    Yubel (34)
    Bastion Misawa (34)
    Syrus Truesdale (34)
    Tyranno Hassleberry (34)
    Sartonis Kumar (34)
    Jaden/Yubel (34)
    Blair Flannigan (34)
    Axel Brodie (34)

    Yusei Fudo (39)
    Jack Atlas (34)
    Crow Hogan (39)
    Akiza Izinski (40)
    Leo (34)
    Luna (34)
    Officer Tetsu Trudge (34)
    Dark Signer Kalin Kessler (34)
    Dark Signer Carly Carmine (34)
    Dark Signer Rex Goodwin (34)
    Kalin Kessler (34)
    Carly Carmine (34)

    Yuma & Astral (30)
    Reginald "Shark" Kastle (30)
    Bronk Stone (30)
    Tori Meadows (30)
    Kite Tenjo (29)
    Staples 1.PNG 3.PNG 4.PNG Staples 2.PNG Blue-eyes.PNG Blue-eyes LS.PNG Noble Knights.PNG Blackwings V2.PNG Blackwings.PNG Invoked Neos.PNG Inboked Roids.PNG ES Neos.PNG Ritual beast.PNG Cyber Dragons.PNG Cyber Dragons V2.PNG Dark Magician.PNG Synchro Toolbox.PNG Triamids.PNG ES Stall.PNG Invoked Toon MG.PNG Invoked Magician Girls.PNG Invoked Neos V2.PNG Onomat.PNG Magnets.PNG

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