Selling  Upcoming multiproduct engagement testing, protection runs Rare items ETC

Discussion in 'Escape from Tarkov Items - Buy Sell Trade' started by gunnerdoor, 10/17/20.

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    i am thinking of starting a shop for multiple types of EFT items and wanted to engage the playerbase on if they would be interested or not. what would be available you ask?

    1. EFT items, you ask for it i get it, want a red labs keycard? imma go get it, want 10 ledx's? cool gonna go get them

    2. protection raid, you pick the map, i kill you collect the loot

    3. sponsored raid you pick the map i bring you in a gun backpack vest etc you risk nothing of your own gear and i kill it you loot it

    I want to know if there is an actual profit margin for this type of business and i just want to gage community feedback.

    any addition info contact me on discord gunnerdoor#6407