Selling   ULTRA RARE UNITS, 4 year old account

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    This account is nearly 4 years old now and I haven't touched it since. 300$ takes it or best offer, I will listen to any reasonable offers. Thanks for your interest I could really use the money as I put at least a grand into pulls, and their are some extremely rare units here such as white knight noel{my personal favourite who cost me 300$ to pull alone}, halloween units, nier collab units, and not one but 2 onion knights to combo wombo your way to rank 200! Screenshot_20211015-003421[1].jpg Screenshot_20211015-003429[1].jpg Screenshot_20211015-003435[1].jpg Screenshot_20211015-003441[1].jpg Screenshot_20211015-003451[1].jpg Screenshot_20211015-012740[1].jpg Screenshot_20211015-012749[1].jpg Screenshot_20211015-012801[1].jpg
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