Ultimate account on new server! 2 220 hero and 4 215 hero plus more!

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    Are you looking for an account that you can use to rule a server? I have the perfect account that has been riding under the radar waiting to take advantage of everything it has to offer! The account sits on World 91 and is a Level 64. I am currently at 12mil might, but that is constantly changing and I have tons of troops in inventory (not sure of might total but at least a few million). I am currently in the top 100 tks (mid 70s) Has 2 cities with the 3rd city deed for when they release the 3rd city. Also has a ton of speed ups / hobbit building crews / 215 glorys to instantly build the max 3rd city! City 1 and city 2 are both optimized for might growth and troop building. All research is at Lvl 10 and the academy's have been removed for more barracks! I have already placed highly in competitions and made a little name for myself. This is the perfect account to jump in and rule the world with! The following is exactly what the cities have. City 1: Heroes: 215, 215, 215, 50, 47, 43, 40, 36, 28, 19 Barracks: 1- *4 15 - Lvl 9 Homes - 1- *4 4-lvl 9 Everything else is lvl 9 or runecrafted *4 City2 Heroes: 215 and 9 other low levels Barracks: 20 lvl 9 Homes 5 lvl 9 Everything else is lvl 9 or runecrafted *4 Inventory: Building / Misc Items 39 Hobbit Building Crews (max lvl 10 any city you want any way you want) 3 Radgast Gift (Random Move) 6 Gandalfs Gift (Pick any new place) 1 New Identity (New Name) 9 Naming Rights (Change all city names) 1 Master Builder Farm (instant lvl 10) 2 Master Builder Home (Instant lvl 10) 2 Master Builder Mine (instant lvl 10) 1 Master Builder Arboretum (instant lvl 10) Speed Ups (enough to max lvl 3 city instantly!) 16 Infinite Hourglass 4 7 day 2 3 day 1 24 hour 3 15 hour 11 8 hour 58 2.5 hour 87 1 hour 112 15 minutes 107 1 minute Combat and Instant Heroes! 3 215 Hero's Glory! (Any level instantly to 215) 7 215 Hero's Renown (Raise 1 level up to 215) 2 220 Hero's Glory (Any level instantly to 220) 3 220 Hero's Renown (Raise 1 level up to 220) 131 Train With Warriors (1000 experience) 27 Train With Archers (10,000 experience) 30 Train With Gandalfs (50,000 experience) 3 Rune of Invulnerability 19 Run of Fury Tons of other attack / defense bonus / troops / bubbles As you can see. Very few heroes have been used and the cities are still ready to be optimized to your preferences. You have the opportunity to have 2 220 heroes, 1 217 hero, 8 215 heroes, and 4 212 heroes. That is an army that very few could stand against! If you are interested in the account send me an email to dustin.blevins at gmail with your offer. I have an idea on what I am willing to let this go for and do not want to be low balled. I will also trade for an account with a high amount of mithril on it. Send me your offers! Edit: Nov 05, 13 5:38pm
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