Tyranny Server: 80 Dark Templar / 79 Necromancer / Unused Level 50 Starter - SOLD

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    <div class="ubbcode-bodyAge of Conan has now re-enabled old account to venture back into the world of Conan. I originally played on the Scourge server and have 2 main characters: 80 Dark Templar 79 Necromancer I also have some other miscelleaneous characters. I've also never used my level 50 new character slot. Which means the next character created will automatically be created at level 50. I'm the original account owner and have moved on to other games and do not plan on returning, however since they re-activated my account, I figured I'd take the opportunity to try to sell it to anyone wanting it. It also has pre-order item... I can't remember if its the War Mammoth or the Rhino... I think it's the Mammoth and that pre-order item also includes the 16 slot bag. Gear: I can't be sure, since I haven't logged into the account in a long time. The DT had some T0 gear I believe, and the Necro maybe one piece. This was the highest non-raid gear available at the time; the DT also has a full set of +1h blunt gemmed gear, however I have no idea what this has turned into with the gem and gear changes. As for the gold amount, I'm guessing its somewhere around 50-80g. I'm not too sure. It could be less. Good luck and happy bidding. Please see my previous sales feedback. I'm quick and legit. I believe you can download the client (trial) from FilePlanet if you need it. This auction doesn't include delivery of the client.

    -- This was posted on ******************* but cross-posting it here in case someone here is interested. Asking $120 or OBO. Also comes with 1 free character transfer (to the server of your choice), I think. Paypal verified.
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